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    No I'm not talking about getting blacked out. Just having a great time, dancing til I can't dance anymore. And yea I'd be drunk too but I'm not drinking myself retarded. WAY TO JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. Lol.
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    What a debby downer here. What's so wrong with having a good time?
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    Hoping to join an awesome new community :)

    Levi is the man! He once tried out for the Deaf National soccer team which I play on. He's a real good guy, I've never met his brother though.
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    Let's talk about raging. Who here likes to throw down at a good ole party? It is better to have raged and lost, than to never have raged at all...
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    I like a deaf girl

    pfffff math isn't my thing but have fun with that. centre college in ky
  6. wjfren01

    I like a deaf girl

    Yea I'm a sophomore, lovin' every minute of it. Where do you go?
  7. wjfren01

    Pics of you - Part V

    Myself with a couple of my real good friends (I'm in the middle)
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    I like a deaf girl

    I'm not in a rush LOL. I've only dated hearing girls, most deaf girls that I know are either too immature or I'm not attracted to them or both. Meh!
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    Hoping to join an awesome new community :)

    Sweeeeet! Wish I could've gone to SERID but I couldn't leave school, bummer
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    Mom gives birth to 13 lb 2 oz baby in Methuen

    Better too big than too small (that's what she said)
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    ugh, deaf drama...

    Get a restraining order on them, that way they won't be able to attend your school anymore and their lives will go down the drain. Kill two birds with one stone :)
  12. wjfren01

    why did cornell is invited to ivy league but not gallaudet in late 1800s?

    Wow, no offense to any Gally students or alums but Gallaudet is comparable to a state school (but definitely not UVa or UNC, mind you). Gally doesn't belong in the same sentence as Ivy League.
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    Deaf and hh in college now

    Yea I know the dude who runs track at Purdue, baller. I haven't used an interpreter since 3rd grade so accommodations weren't a concern for me. Kentucky School for the Deaf is right down the street should my implant ever self destruct ha. Boiler Up!
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    Deaf and hh in college now

    Shel, I have tons of friends who go to both of those schools. I have nothing against those schools, I actually was looking at RIT for a bit but didn't want to go that far away from home.
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    Deaf and hh in college now

    Haha nice, Bloomington is a couple hours from me, tons of my high school friends go there.
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    Hard of Hearing college student

    Wassup bro!
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    Recent Facebook spamming

    I mean if you're dumb enough to go through with "accepting it", then what goes around comes around I suppose. KARMA
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    Deaf and hh in college now

    Who all here is Deaf or hard of hearing at a 4 year college besides RIT and Gally? This is the group of people I want to connect with. I am the only hard of hearing person at my college and I wish it was otherwise.
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    I already prove one of the fraternities

    pffff are you serious? hazing isn't just in fraternities, tons of sports teams do it. i.e. Dez Bryant refusing to carry shoulder pads for veterans, he was then forced to take the entire team out to dinner. fraternities are a huge resource for alumni relations post-college. greek life definitely...
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    Models - what they really look like

    wow the last one has got it going on! haha