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  1. The Silent Seed


    Awesome - try it on yourself.
  2. The Silent Seed

    Looking for someone to take me on a love trip......

    In that case, an introduction might help? I, for example, have one here.
  3. The Silent Seed

    Hair & nails anyone?

    Not from me, sorry. :)
  4. The Silent Seed

    Service dog

    First - you need to ask yourself - do you even like dogs? Do you want that kind of responsibility? It's not just a tool. It will be like having a child. It's not just something you "shell money out for." It is a 24/7 job, AND relationship, for you.
  5. The Silent Seed

    Looking for my forever person

    Hi group, I hope everyone is staying safe, and hopeful out there. I am still seeking somebody to share this life with. Please feel free to say hi. Have a great day everyone, Jude
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    Hello. New Here.

    Hi, Wow - you've had quite a journey so far. You're brave to continue to put yourself out there. Nice to meet you.
  7. The Silent Seed

    Looking for someone

    Since it is regarding her father, you probably want to contact the local emergency services - police, hospital, etc, and they will deliver a message if they find it appropriate. Good luck.
  8. The Silent Seed

    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    You said it needs to be a quiet room, with no background noise. Now you're saying it's fine for classrooms, and....... parties?
  9. The Silent Seed

    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    I feel bad for anybody who has a TV smaller than 13 inches... that's like from the 60's... But, your post is for "big screens." Now it's for small ones ... What ?
  10. The Silent Seed

    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    Mark - I'm not sure I understand. All TV's have built-in captioning regardless of size.
  11. The Silent Seed

    What kind of trade jobs can deaf and hard of hearing have?

    Yes; as long as you do good work, and are respectful, and likeable, you'll have no problem getting a job in any of those fields. During the course of your learning, you will want to also build up a resume, and get some good references which will help as well. Good luck!
  12. The Silent Seed

    Why do we have to be considered a part of special education?

    Did you take SpEd classes? I never had to deal with anything like this. Maybe it varies from state to state?
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    New girl

    Hi Michelle, my name is Jude. Welcome, and nice to meet you.
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    new and a beginner

    Welcome, nice to meet you!
  15. The Silent Seed

    Merry Christmas 2019

    Merry Christmas to everybody!
  16. The Silent Seed

    Can't believe this place is dying....

    Ah yes, those chats were great. (Until jerks took them over!) Wish there was a comparable alternative today.
  17. The Silent Seed

    Hard of Hearing, new to Deaf community.

    Welcome! Nice to meet you, Danni. You can learn a bit about me in my own intro a while back. I'm not familiar with "Sanders Sides." Could you elaborate on that?
  18. The Silent Seed

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Haha :) And, thank you Barb!
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    lol! Now that totally makes sense :)