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  1. LadyZephyr

    What are the best webs sites for designing shirts?

    I don't know much about their design system (aside from knowing that they have one), but I have a shirt that was printed at and I can vouch for the quality of the printing and shirt material. If you have design skills you can use a free program like Pixlr to design the shirt.
  2. LadyZephyr

    Deafie/hearie Slang Origin?

    I'm also sorry for the bad memories, @whatdidyousay!, children can be shockingly cruel sometimes. I deeply regret some of the awful things I said to my older sister when we were young. I'm lucky to have been able to reconcile and we've been much closer ever since. That's fantastic. I often...
  3. LadyZephyr

    Deafie/hearie Slang Origin?

    I had to cringe a little reading that Tillinghast quote... "There must be some very profound reason for this." (ya think?!) So if the natural progression of society is to stop seeing everybody as cookie-cutters of some non-existent "perfect", how long do you think it will take for Deaf culture...
  4. LadyZephyr

    Surgeons Perform First Penis Transplant In The U.s.

    The latest I read in regards to this was that the same hematopoietic cell transplant technique they use to treat certain leukemias and lymphomas can be used to stop tissue rejection. Basically the doctors destroy your immune system with chemo or radiation and implant you with new stem cells...
  5. LadyZephyr

    Deafie/hearie Slang Origin?

    Honestly, the first time somebody used the term I was too ignorant of the culture to understand that I was being insulted. Also, when you say 'Milan' are you talking about the 1880 conference? (I just Googled it)
  6. LadyZephyr

    Deafie/hearie Slang Origin?

    This question popped up for me today while I was browsing the forums so I thought I'd ask for some insight... When or how did the words 'deafie' and 'hearie' pop up? Are these more recent slang from within say, the past ten years, or have they been around for a long time? Also, I've been called...
  7. LadyZephyr

    Boring Summer

    I also like dogs of any size but my boyfriend has been known to lend out our (friendly) chihuahuas to single friends of his. Little dogs are exponentially more appealing to certain kinds of girls.
  8. LadyZephyr

    Raising Silent Sailor- A Book On My Experiences Of Raising A Deaf Blue Heeler

    Ah! Do you have a recommendation on one of those collars? I have two senior Chihuahuas, one of whom has already lost her higher frequencies. I was trying to decide if I was going to have to rig my own vibrating collar or teach one of our younger dogs to 'fetch' her if she was too far away (this...
  9. LadyZephyr

    Do You Still Feel Safe?

    I agree with a lot of what else is said here and I'll add that sometimes a self defense class (anything from a free class done by your local police to martial arts lessons and even something like fencing) can help you feel a little more confident. They'll reiterate the importance of being aware...
  10. LadyZephyr

    Kkk Wins 'adopt-a-highway' Ruling In Georgia High Court

    In VA I think the program only applies to rural roads too. I can't think of any nearby multi-lane roads with signs on them. I have a huuuuuge problem with the KKK (as I think the vast majority of people do) but I think that they should be allowed to adopt their own stretch, even if it means...
  11. LadyZephyr

    Writing Deaf - Looking For Opinions

    No worries, it's taken me a while to get back online myself!
  12. LadyZephyr

    Writing Deaf - Looking For Opinions

    @Renée12 Thank you for your input! I'll read your fic this evening. @Chase Is that available on Amazon? (
  13. LadyZephyr

    Who Likes Hummingbirds?

    I did try to Google, but no luck so I'll try to snap a picture today or tomorrow. I guess they could be ruby throats but since our feeder is on the shady side of the house the females wouldn't shine and we're under a nice tree canopy so I may have missed the males.
  14. LadyZephyr

    Who Likes Hummingbirds?

    We get little brown ones around our house. I've never gotten to see a ruby-throated hummingbird. They'll dive bomb us if we're late on putting out a feeder, or if it's empty.
  15. LadyZephyr

    Olympics Rule Change: Transgender Males Will Be Allowed To Compete As Women

    The guidelines say that those who've transitioned from female to male can compete without restriction whereas those who've transitioned from male to female have restrictions but they seem to be focusing on testosterone levels. Hormone levels and muscle density aside, men and women have different...
  16. LadyZephyr

    Odd Behavior

    I have four chihuahuas, only one of which is what I would call 'normal'. The two younger dogs, both girls, were also panty thiefs/chewers in their puppyhood but eventually grew out of that, thank goodness (nothing like bringing friends over and discovering four pairs of chewed up underwear...
  17. LadyZephyr

    Van Gogh Artwork Comes To Life !

    I think it looks incredibly cool, I'm hoping to see it! I read an article that said each frame took forty minutes to paint. Phew!
  18. LadyZephyr

    Transitioning Individuals--it's Confusing

    My (admittedly limited) understanding of gender fluidity is that it's a lifelong experience more than a transitional experience. In Dewon's case I think it's just that she's not entirely comfortable with how 'out' she is and that accounts for the back-and-forth. It's cool that she's running in...
  19. LadyZephyr

    Hearing/learning/writing - Please Advise

    Thank you everyone who contributed with advice and cattle prods, I've already learned a lot. If you are interested, I've moved over to "Our World, Our Culture" armed with some better questions to try to garner some additional insight...
  20. LadyZephyr

    Writing Deaf - Looking For Opinions

    I wasn't sure if this belonged in the General Chat or Our World, Our Culture forums and it seemed too specific for the Student and Interview threads but let me know if you think I need to relocate this discussion. Although new to alldeaf and hearing, I've spent several hours reading the forums...