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    Unauthorized spending at Walmart

    Good, and if they go hungry b4 three months is up I hope they starve.
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    14 YO Boy Kills Teacher

    Let me guess.... when it parents whipped u for whatever u did, u learned a lesson the hard way and probably didn't make the same mistake twice. Normally a parent who spanks his/her kid(s) usually comes as either a last resort or to send a strict message such behavior isn't to be tolerated...
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    why are American health care so expensive...

    It was only a few days ago a bunch of welfare driven morons tried to loot a few Wal-Mart's with Ebt cards that had no money on them by buying hundreds of dollars of non essential merchandise when the system crashed and delayed refilling the cards with the normal amounts..... *smh*
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    14 YO Boy Kills Teacher

    Correct parenting these days are about on par as with how you would discipline a young puppy when they run amok: wag your finger a couple times, tell them they've been bad and send them back off.......nevemind how many times they misbehave, nevermind if they don't care what u do and say and push...
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    School bans activities at recess

    Lol our country just gets dumber and dumber by the day with this overanalyzation of example being this...a simple game of tag.....*Facepalm*
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    Student shot teacher then himself

    Lol yeah no kidding...
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    14 YO Boy Kills Teacher

    Parents aren't allowed to do good jobs anymore in some cases. It's really sad what society has transformed into.... and then we wonder why kids grow up to do stupid shit like stab teachers and bully classmates to the point where they kill themselves.....while this is a sad tragedy, I look at...
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    Why business at Sears is declining

    It's too bad really cuz I like Sears for the most part..... but yeah as time goes by it looks more and more like Kmart Jr lol
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    why are American health care so expensive...

    Obamacare is a trainwreck waiting to happen..... what a joke...
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    help me out?

    Wow, what an insanely difficult topic to do an essay about!!!1111 omg!!
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    Creepiest Barbie Ever To Be Built

    Could be interpreted as cannibal Barbie taking a dump :laugh2:
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    Deaf woman suing E Bay

    I dont see why there couldnt be come kind of logical compromise between the two sides i mean jesus christ its not rocket science.....
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    2012 World Series

    After the Rangers choked away the division i stopped caring :(
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    Upset news for Alabama

    Theres no stopping Johnny Football. Cant wait for the 2013 season.
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    Report: Michael Vick has gone through $29 million since 2008

    Aint the first time an athlete squandered a fortune. And for the record i have no sympathy for them broke-ass fools... They can lick the shit off my boots before i loan them a dime....
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    Newspaper Publishes Gun Owners' Names and Addresses

    *golf clap* Buy this guy a beer!! :cheers:
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    Anti-U.S. adoption bill

    i dont have a problem with it. Americans should adopt american kids anyway....
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    Deaf man fights off home invader

    "Your home is your castle and I think you should be able to defend it," Irene said. Amen to that.