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    Contacting a Service Desk ?'s

    Hi everyone, This doesn't have anything to do with hearing; it's a project for my class. It's about customer service and service desks. I just wanted answers from people other than hearies. Thanks in advance. Stella A. Have you ever contacted a service desk for support? B. How...
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    If you could change one thing in history to improve something today what would it be?

    I would save all the scrolls of knowledge in the great library of Alexandria.
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    How do you make your coffee?

    It's a Jura. It's imported from Switzerland. You just pour the whole beans in it and it does everything else. Just hold your cup under it for delicious espresso. You can even hook it up to a computer and adjust the settings via online. If you want decaf, you have to grind the beans and...
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    Has this happened to anyone else.

    When I had hearing aids, yeah the squeak. My SO bought me a key finder that had a bright blinking light and a very high pitched beep. Of course, I couldn't hear the high pitched beep, but the bright blinking light, I could see if I misplaced my keys. Anyway, I was sitting in class and...
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    Medical interpreting

    First of all, you were rude to us when you expected us to be an easy target to help you with your homework. Second, you sound like a 13 year old with an attitude problem. If you can't handle a Deaf forum, you will never be able to handle real life. Good luck, because you will need it.
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    How do you make your coffee?

    We have a Capresso burr grinder. I looked, it's $90 on Amazon. If a good burr grinder would have cost $500, my SO would have paid that. He paid $2500 for the espresso machine.
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    Granny's taking computer classes ;)

    I used MS Project in my IT Project Management class. You will do fine. One of my pet-peeves is, and I complained about this in a survey from my college, is they don't teach Outlook. In the working world Outlook is an very important tool and IMHO really needs to be taught in Advanced Microsoft...
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    How do you make your coffee?

    The professional burr grinders cost that much, but you can get one for your house for about $100.00. The burr grinder we have was about $100 but, still, that is expensive compared to a blade grinder.
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    Deaf Computer Professionals???

    I interviewed for a Tier 1 job a few years ago, and they didn't hire me because of hearing loss. The interview was ended abruptly after I told them of my hearing loss. Anyway, how do you get around talking on the phone? I can't hear on the phone.
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    Deaf Computer Professionals???

    I'm attending Eastern Florida State. It's really a good college and it's cheaper than others. Also, the cost of living here is cheap. I've taken the 100 level classes to get the AS, really just basic stuff, but the BS requires a lot of math, calculus and physics. I'm thinking when I get to...
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    Deaf Computer Professionals???

    The degrees are all Computer Science. They all have the same core classes which includes programming, but each has a specialized emphasis.
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    Deaf Computer Professionals???

    I'm getting my AS in Computer Science. I was going for database, but I had to drop an Oracle class that is offered once a year and only online. I was really frustrated trying to manage Oracle in a Virtual Box on my laptop when I also needed to use it to look up PL/SQL commands. So, I switched...
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    Guardian article on sign language

    I thought this was a very good article. Signed Languages Can Do So Many Things Spoken Languages Can't
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    Navigating a Hearing World

    Yeah, most of the time I let the "I'm sorry" slide, but you can tell when someone is giving fake pity. So, I say, "It's not your fault." "I'm deaf." "Oh, I'm so sorry." *Fake pity sorry* "Why? it's not your fault." They usually don't know what to say after that.
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    13 yrs old daughter referrd for comprehensive hearing tests

    Hi RockyMountainWoman, I'm a mom also, and I'm sure you feel like you've been thrown a curve ball with your daughter failing a screening test. I'm sure you are a mom who cares and wants the best for your daughter. It's okay. Take a deep breath. All you know right now is that she failed a...
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    Navigating a Hearing World

    Thanks everyone! I had DeafNote before on my old phone and it did come in handy, but it was like... "Um, can you speak into my phone?, thanks" I'm not opposed to using it, but sometimes it can be awkward. Though, when panhandlers or solicitors bug me, I point to my ear and mouth, "I'm...
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    Navigating a Hearing World

    How do you handle random people who talk to you and you can't hear them? I'm talking about the cashier at the grocery store or the person in line behind you who try to make small talk?
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    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    I'm LD, so I can speak well. Although, the auditory feedback loop is important to speech and it affects my speech. Since my speech is not quite right, most hearing people think I have an accent and ask me what country I'm from.
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    Non-deaf dating sites

    I don't think it matters if you are hoh, deaf, or hearing. I remember standing in the check out after getting burned in a relationship. Those tabloids in the checkouts had beautiful, successful actresses on the covers who were dumped, brokenhearted, and couldn't find someone decent. I...
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    Stella's Intro

    Thanks rockin'robin. Spacecoast Fl is the eastern edge of Brevard country. I live in Titusville. I want to go to Jacksonville to visit the zoo there!