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  1. PowerWCRulez

    New WEAS system.

    Wireless Emergency Alert System coming soon for weather alert, amber alert, Homeland Security Alert and etc on the smartphone cellphones. When the alert is issued they send a "ping" signal comes from the cellphone tower and being receiving the WEAS message by tones or vibrate. When you are...
  2. PowerWCRulez

    New lappy!

    Hi there, I finally bought new MacBook Pro lappy it's brand new they have I7 processor it's very powerful fastest. 17" HD Widescreen LED display (looks like a glass screen), 750 GB Hard drive and 4 GB of ram memory, Wifi, Facetime build-in camera. I installed the P3 software, it's work...
  3. PowerWCRulez

    Mafia 2 for xbox 360 coming soon!

    Hey everybody.. I saw on Gamestop website, they said coming soon and will be in the store in Jan 2010, I plan to pre-order in next month or so..
  4. PowerWCRulez

    Facebook commands and etc problem?

    Hi there, Does anyone having problem with facebook's commands, chatbox disabled and etc? I can't play the games, chatbox disabled, application sidebar opened application pages and the notifcation sidebar opened to notifcation pages (both does NOT roll up or down grrrr). Hi5 and Myspace...
  5. PowerWCRulez

    Camp Courage North photos

    Hi everyone, I uploaded to my facebook and you can check it out at Log In | Facebook
  6. PowerWCRulez

    MVP's power indicator flashing (Green light)

    When I got up from my bed, and I saw blue light indicates a videomail message. I go over to the MVP, touch on screen, the green light changed to flashing from the steady (full charged). Did anyone getting the power indicator changed to flashing? Could have a bad cells in my battery or something?
  7. PowerWCRulez

    Guess what?? New color hearing aid..

    I went to my county hospital ENT clinic, and the auddy gave me choice of color of hearing aid.. Whoa! it's brand new company that make digital hearing aid called Sparx Resound, I am happy getting new color hearing aid. That I picked my favorite blue and the earmold mix blue and yellow. Finally...
  8. PowerWCRulez

    Wolfenstein 3D on Xbox360

    I bought W3D arcade, and I made awarded for 1K Gold to my account for next new game release. I completed the 100% Kill, 100% Secret and 100% Treasure on first floor to start mission with "I am death incranate!" tough and got 70G and awarded 1K Gold for next purchase of New Wolfenstein Xbox 360...
  9. PowerWCRulez

    MVP's video problem

    HI there, I tried to call them, and successfully connected, I saw my view just black screen on upper right screen and the large screen had been shrinked to smaller, they still see me and I can see them too. it;s strange shrinked video on large screen. They use a SVP on their end.
  10. PowerWCRulez

    Finally found out on MVP OS.

    HI there, I surfed up on the website in search.. and I found the Show IP Address - Quickly retrieve your IP address! site, they showed it's a Linux armv5tejl and unknown OS vendor.
  11. PowerWCRulez

    Whoa! International ppls called me on MVP.

    My first time, international VRS to call me from the international phone nbr, it's strange it's +16-xxx-xxxx, VRS converted ASL sign and asked the person in my home, I told international VRS interpreter "Sorry wrong number and the person isn't in my residence".
  12. PowerWCRulez

    MVP's browser..

    HI there, I checked on my favorite website.. Play Free Online Games, Internet Games, and Free Games | Pogo Games - too much fill up ram and didn't work. irc servers thru website works on CGI-IRC client in web - No "enter" key to send a text into chat box. It's seem working but no chat. it's...
  13. PowerWCRulez

    SIP Rejection on router for MVP

    Hmmmm I was puzzled, I traced the IP addy and found it's Hovrs server.. My purplemail gets black screen and I tried to CC, they can't see me I tried to wave CC and nothing.. here is the router logs show; SIP ALG rejected packet from to ###.###.##.###:8004 (my ip is masked).
  14. PowerWCRulez

    DIR 625 port scanner while MVP is on and off.

    Hi there, I scanned the port at Home of Gibson Research Corporation site, it's looks like wide open while MVP is ONLINE.. ---> [MVP Online - Ethernet line] GRC Port Authority Report created on UTC: 2009-03-24 at 09:47:31 Results from scan of ports: 0-1055 4 Ports Open 1046...
  15. PowerWCRulez

    Free WiFi Hotspot for MVP.

    Check it out at free wi-fi hotspots wifi cafes coffee shops hotels airports RV Parks for listing of Free WiFi Hotspot in your state. And Caribou Coffee offer free Wifi service too.
  16. PowerWCRulez

    Civil Rights w/disabled violated.

    Hello there, I having problem with Mental Health Service (deaf programs in minnesota). I (I am client/member) socialized with deaf clients pretty good and later near "Closing Time", the staff asked me go private in hallway.. it's a personal relations that I have odor and hygiene problem...
  17. PowerWCRulez

    "Update your VP"

    HI there, I got a call came from non-number, it's on missed call list. I was puzzled who called from "Update your VP" on my missed call list.
  18. PowerWCRulez

    Divorced woman jailed for suspection hacking virtual online

    Online divorcee jailed after killing virtual hubby - Video Game Feature - Yahoo! Video Games
  19. PowerWCRulez

    Older xbox console error 13

    Oh boy, I turned on my older xbox game box and it's red ring flashing (very old bulky xbox with green logo on the top). it's possibility dead? and I felt on my xbox for vibrations, then it's a hard drive's platter looks like shattered. I've been on my old xbox since 2 years now (pre-owned) then...
  20. PowerWCRulez

    (Dispatcher: LA 14 to 1-Adam-12 you're getting DVD season 2 soon)

    (Adam-12: 10-4 when I am 10-16 at 10-20 for season 2?) (LA-14: They will be 10-8 on Sept 28th at FYE video mall (address)) (Adam-12: 10-4 Thanks LA-14!) Adam-12 Season 2 DVD will be in store on sept 28th!