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  1. Steve


    HamiltonRelay just introduced InspireChat, a downloadable Java program. Steve
  2. Steve

    Interpreter Fees - Tax Deduction?

    IRS Tax Helpline - "We appreciate your patience. Please do not hang up. Your call is important to us. If you hang up and call back now this may increase your wait as calls are handled in the order they are received. Please continue to hold, the next available representative will assist you as...
  3. Steve

    Relay Iowa Outreach Project Manager

  4. Steve

    Iowa School for the Deaf - 150-yr Celebration

    Iowa School for the Deaf 150-year Alumni Party Treynor Community Center, Treynor, Iowa Saturday, Octobert 15, 2005 Buffet Dinner, Music, Party, Prizes Also it's Homecoming Weekend at ISD! 14-15 Oct 05 Chance to meet the Iowa Association of...
  5. Steve

    Hamilton Relay VRS 24/7

    sVRS ain't the only 24/7 shop in town - Steve
  6. Steve

    ASL to Spanish VRS?

    Does anyone here have experience with or heard about any VRS that can do ASL to Spanish by calling a specific IP or 800 number? CSD (CSDVRS, was asked this at a town hall meeting by a Deaf gal whose family is Spanish-speaking. They actually told her to keep calling until she connects to an...
  7. Steve

    Mobile AIM/ICQ and Yahoo IM clients to be included on Blackberries

    Mar 14, 2005 America Online Inc. And Research In Motion To Deliver AOL Instant Messaging Via BlackBerry Mar 14, 2005 Yahoo! and Research In Motion Announce Worldwide Relationship to Bring Yahoo! Services to BlackBerry For more user-based info: No...
  8. Steve

    Paris Hilton's Sidekick hacked?

    She shoulda got a Blackberry! - Steve Somebody posted all the pictures she took from her SK too. Work-safe Warning: Few topless photos of her.
  9. Steve

    Armor Geddon

    Armor Geddon A friend of mine sent me this link and comment. I've been reading it everyday on my Blackberry like it's an eBook. Bookmark it! Steve
  10. Steve

    Media's coverage has distorted world's view

    This is how I see the media's involvment in wars. Media's coverage has distorted world's view of Iraqi reality - By LTC Tim Ryan There you have it, the media is pwned! Steve
  11. Steve

    T900 character limit

    As previously posted, my wife and I just received our 7290 Blackberries. We set up our Blackberry accounts and informed our families of our new pager addresses. Her folks have Motorola T-900 pagers. My wife's new blackberry address, "" is 41 characters...