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    has anyone else noticed this trend? this football season more and more of the pro players are losing their helmets. i think it is their hairnets. i know they gotta look pretty after the game and all but it looks mighty risky.
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    best hd tv

    i am looking to buy a relative a HD tv. have pretty much narrowed it down to samsung. has to have internet, wifi and pc hook up and at least 120hz in 1080p. anyone with other suggestions? price i am looking at is $1k
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    who wins?

    Pacquiao-Margarito,, pac man win? f he wins he will take on AD's own Pinay - matajan !!
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    where does PFH live

    where exactly does PFH live? jiro had his coordinates posted somewhere. i can't see the house n this pic Boulder Canyon Fire: Wildland fire burns in Boulder Canyon - KDVR
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    AD member gets hungry

    does this look like PO with a wig? Guy Steals Chips From Orangutan Video
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    having fun

    Carving A Jack-O-Lantern With A Gun Video isn't this reba's hubby?
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    a city weeps

    they were slain. howard caught looking at the very last strike. the mighty nine of the phillies lost to the no good west coast impostors. william penn doffs his hat
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    Ci president now

    looks like NTID is getting it's first ever CI President !!! Dr. Gerry Buckley will become the first Ci president for a major deaf college. this is very fitting since NTID is a technical college and Dr. Buckley's implant is a technical wonder. a happy day for CI and HOH people of the world but a...
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    deaf cop

    anyone know that deaf cop who was killed in alaska recently? he used to be campus security at RIT before he got his job as a uniformed policeman. he was the only deaf policeman in the usa.
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    dating deaf

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    Death of Deaf clubs

    are there deaf clubs in your area? over the years i have seen them die off. deaf do not need to meet face to face to socialize as much it seems.