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  1. Lil_country_gal

    Is understanding that hard?

    I just got out of a relationship with a hearie. and I have pretty darn good hearing out of my right ear, my left is my bad. Well when we were in the car and my bf would talk he would talk straight into my right ear. He thought because I could hear him talking in the car i made up being hoh and...
  2. Lil_country_gal

    My bump :) [DUW warning]

    Ok first you have to know this is not a baby bump. My boa climbed up under my shirt and it looked to funny and to cute not to take pictures. She wraped herself in my tanktop so I couldn't get her out. Finally Got her out of my shirt after an hour
  3. Lil_country_gal

    Hi Everyone!

    I've missed you guys alot! College and work deffinitly keeps me busy. Plus man drama is not my friend latley but hey it's all good. This week i was slightly conned into teaching little kids the lords prayer in asl. the funny part the lord prayer is one thing I don't know lol so now by sunday i...
  4. Lil_country_gal

    Back From Jamaica!

    Hey I just got back from Jamaica I should have more time to be on now. I thought you guys might be interested in some pictures so yeah... RodeoRiderGurl4life/Jamaica - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and when i got back my bf suprised me and we are now engaged i don't have any...
  5. Lil_country_gal

    Assault at school

    Assault at Apollo leads to arrest A Waite Park man was taken to Stearns County Jail in connection with an assault at Apollo High School. Advertisement St. Cloud police say Steven Michael Haack, 18, was arrested Thursday after they investigated a report of an assault that happened...
  6. Lil_country_gal

    News Update

    Sorry I haven't been around much, it's been really busy around here. between getting ready to graduate on the 30th, seperating my shoulder, working at a therapuetic riding horsemanship program, and cause i was getting death threats from a pedafile so i had to be really careful. so yeah i'm back...
  7. Lil_country_gal


    On Friday like the good little snake mommy I am, I had to clean all the water out of my boa's cage because she decided to knock over her swimming pool. Well my boa is a big girl and she is pure muscle. Well one of the rools with a big snake like her don't handle them one handed but because i...
  8. Lil_country_gal


    This summer for a week 20 other people and I are going to Jamaica for a mission trip to build houses and work with kids. I'm mostly excited about getting to go swimming in the ocean with all the fish!
  9. Lil_country_gal

    SnowBoarding Gone Wrong!

    My little cousins were snow boarding/ sledding today. The middle of the three boys(cooper) was snow boarding and some how the youngest of the three (gavin) came down and cooper's snow board clipped him in the face. He got the skin on the bridge of his nose ripped off so bad that you can see the...
  10. Lil_country_gal

    Burned Body

    I just burned the lower half of my body with boiling water i was making pasta and went to take it to pour it out in the sink and the strainer wasn't fully in the sink and it missed the sink completly and spilled out on my stomach and legs i just got first degree burns at least as what we can...
  11. Lil_country_gal

    Need 50 male & 50 Female Opinions!!

    I'm taking a poll about Females in Auto Mechanics and peoples opinions on it. I really need 50 men and 50 women to give me opinions on it like if you this women should be in mechanics or if it's just a man's feild it doesn't have to be if you are a female and you don't want to but in general...
  12. Lil_country_gal

    Rolled My Car Today!!!

    Today I was driving from my house to school and i misjudged a dead mans turn and i went off the road tried to recorrect it and over corrected my car spun and when it hit the ditch it fliped and i rolled into a telephone pole.I don't remember the flipping or spinning when i woke up i fought to...
  13. Lil_country_gal

    Found A Kitty!

    I found a little kiten who can't be more than 6 months old she is under my porch and i've got a live trap out tonight i'm fighting so hard to keep her but my parents are fighting not to. she is orange and white and so cute i don't have a picture of her yet i've really just wanted to gain her...
  14. Lil_country_gal


    Hey Everyone, I just found out i'm going to have surgery on my ankle on August 28th to repair ligaments that are stretched out and torn I'll be on my back with my leg up for a week i'll miss the first couple days of school and than the next week i'll have a hard cast on and be on crutches than...
  15. Lil_country_gal

    I'm BACK!!!!!!

    I'm Back from my trip to the virgin islands saint croix. It was officially amazing it was really hard to leave it very much became like home to me over the last week. I went for a mission trip and was greatly rewarded by the time we speant with the orphnage, retirement home, head start, and a...
  16. Lil_country_gal

    Minnesota Disaster Please Pray!

    At 6:00 today the I 35w bridge that goes over the mississippi river in the twin cities. It was during rush hour. There are 6 confirmned dealths and 38 injured and many more still missing in cars that are ethier in the bottom of the river or completley smashed. According to an enginer the bridge...
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    Today Was my Birthday
  18. Lil_country_gal

    Virgin Islands!

    The first week in august me and my church are out to the virgin islands Saint crox specifically. We are going on a mission trip and are also going during peak hurricane season. We're all pretty nervous has anyone ever gone through a hurricane is it really scary? we are working with children so...
  19. Lil_country_gal

    Jacob "Edwin" Wetterling Hello, I'm Jacob 'Edwin' Wetterling By Patty Wetterling Friday, June 15, 2007 11:31 AM EDT “I was writing a report in my office,” Jerry said, “when Caroline came in a bit distressed, saying ‘There's a man on the...
  20. Lil_country_gal

    Got the Go Ahead!!!

    Alot of you know I was in a bad accident this fall Where my horse fell ontop of me. Well it's been 10 months since the accident and after 3 different physical therapy attempts and finally finding one that worked i'm half way back to normal. And I got the go ahead today from my doctor to go back...