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  1. Saavik

    Sound boosting programs for windows?

    I've been away from this site a long time, but I stopped using my surround sound system for a logitech G430 headset on my PC, but I need a way to boost it free, the logitech software kills off the loudness equalization approach.
  2. Saavik

    Unitron moxi fit 600

    I haven't been able to find much on this comany or brand, does anyone use these hearing aids as well? Is the brand quality? I'm getting these as my new hearing aids and I just wanted some reviews or something, you know?
  3. Saavik

    Long time and finally back

    I know I'm not new, but I've been gone for so long I feel nobody must remember me, so here I am to say hello, and I'm well.
  4. Saavik

    Phone question

    Is there an affordable phone or something that offers just data only? Seems even the deaf phone plans are both out of my price range as well as giving me insufficient data (150-200MB per month and I'd need at least 500mb to be semi-viable). As of right now, I only have an old smartphone a...
  5. Saavik

    Freedompop Overdrive pro

    So I just got a freedompop overdrive pro on a really big sale from the company itself, so I could play Ingress and I can't get the device to work. I contacted support and their instructions didn't work. The freedom pop apparently needs a firmware update before it will work and to do it, I have...
  6. Saavik

    Virginia changed it's standard plate

    Personally, I hate it, all they did was add that stupid slogan and joined the list of states adding web addresses to their plates.. I hate when states do that. Virginia redesigns standard license plates - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia Politics
  7. Saavik

    Motorcycle sale advice, please

    I'm looking to upgrade my motorcycle to a ZX6 when I get back to Virginia and I'm selling my EX500 since the riding season should be starting when I get back and people will be looking for a good beginner bike, which the EX500 is well known for, but I digress. KBB places this ZX6 at $1,145 if...
  8. Saavik

    Not sure what to do

    I find it hard connecting with people, if not for my hearing, then because of my anxiety disorder. I'd just like at least one person to really understand me and know entirely who I am. I was thinking of asking my friend to read my diary, which aside from my counselor, nobody has ever read it...
  9. Saavik

    Started horomones today

    Good news everyone, I went to the doctor everyone suggested, handed him my letter from my counselor and I got my first shot of estrogen today and have to pick my Spiro and Estradiol up from the pharmacy on Monday. I'm so excited that I've finally arrived at this point in my life.
  10. Saavik

    HRT self-medication

    I can't afford to pay a doctor or for tests and I know some other trans folk buy their hormones off the internet and administer it themselves. Any other trans people here that can suggest a good online hormone supplier? I know it's a long shot asking here, but you never know, right?
  11. Saavik


    Anybody else play Ingress? If so, what faction and where in the country? I play as the Resistance in Las Vegas. If you don't know the game, here is a link and no, it's only on the android market right now, not IOS, but I understand it is coming to IOS soon...
  12. Saavik

    Drivers license question

    I have no address right now, I've been staying on couches or the floor of several people I know in their places. Basically, I'm 99% sure that counts as being homeless. I may need a Nevada license to actually get help from the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. How do...
  13. Saavik

    SMS on cellphone without service?

    I use wifi on a smartphone someone gave me and the IPrelay app to place calls, but people want to text and I need to find a way to text them without paying for cellphone service. I'm fine with IPrelay and email using wifi only, but you know how much people love texting. What solutions to this...
  14. Saavik

    MRI results and need help

    I'm looking back at my MRI results from several years ago (Never actually got medical care, just the MRI) but I still don't understand what the results mean. It says "Intermediate increased T2 signal within the body and posterior horn of the medial meniscus which does not appear to surface..." I...
  15. Saavik

    Visor Alert

    I'm still sick today and I decided since I needed to pass time that I'd look at the DMV's website where I found this thing called Visor alert. I'm not sure how I feel about it to be honest. Right now I guess I'd feel like I have a neon sign saying "Hey, look at me! Over here, look, I'm...
  16. Saavik

    Sperm donor

    As many of you know, I'm trans and I have no wish to have children. I was bored the other day on craigslist and decided for some reason to see if anyone was looking for a sperm donor before I start HRT and become sterile. I found a lesbian couple looking for one and I'm going to try and help...
  17. Saavik

    In a bad spot

    I moved out to Nevada to start my transition and two fellow trans women offered to let me stay with them, but the one I went with I can't stand. The other person I have met and connect with well, but she won't have her new place until about the first of February and I need a place to temporarily...
  18. Saavik

    Moving today

    In a few hours I leave for Nevada, a 30 hour, 2000 or so mile drive across I-40. I'm going to drive as far as I can without stopping, as I don't want to sleep in the car and I just want to get there.
  19. Saavik

    Youtube comments, where are they now?

    I logged into youtube the other day and noticed the comments section empty, not a single comment on any video to be found. I have been searching for the answer and so far have turned up nothing. Does anyone else have this problem?
  20. Saavik

    Battlefield 4

    Don't waste your time or money, this game is pure garbage. Forget the picture they try to paint for you of this game, it's pure BS. The game is still super laggy, almost like it was during the beta. Overall, I didn't care for this game and I'll be going back to BF3. Buy the game if you want...