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  1. Waitbird

    Person Below Me

    I love to fish! Can’t wait for the season to start. TPBM: Do you like to hunt?
  2. Waitbird

    Need help with gloss

    LOL did you join our forum just to get us to do your ASL homework for you? Tsk tsk
  3. Waitbird

    I am looking to learn ASL!

    Hello! There are tons of free learning resources for you., The ASL app and Sign School are all good places to start. Start digging and the resources will appear!
  4. Waitbird


    Hello! I just wanted to say you are not alone. I am teaching my deaf daughter ASL too and also feel overwhelmed sometimes. My daughter is only 5 months old so she can’t quite sign back to me yet but I have definitely started signing little things. My advice would be to just start trying with...
  5. Waitbird

    New asl t-shirt!!

    Sweet shirt! I added you on IG. Your baby is adorable.
  6. Waitbird

    Earmold color selection

    Hello friends! Here is the chart we get at the audiologist for selecting colored earmolds. Interesting we went to a young hip audiologist at first and she offered up to theee color choices. Now we’re going to an older more rural audiologist and she said she thought babies could only get one...
  7. Waitbird

    Questions about Oticon Phonak RIC and BTE...

    Hello! My Baby was diagnosed deaf and got HAs two months ago. We had a super young and hip audiologist who recommended the Phonak aids, although she said Oticon was good too. Phonak’s warranty is great and apparently the technology is really targeted for a pediatric user whereas oticon retrofits...
  8. Waitbird

    Asl movies

    Omg that movie is terrifying! I empathized hard with the leading lady ... so scary :ohno:
  9. Waitbird

    First haircut gone wrong

    Hahah YES that’s it - the bangs are chopped to a 1/4”, like, why!?!! Sorry you can relate! Hahah and thanks for the sympathy everyone LOL I actually took Reba’s advice and got a little hat that she wore for ALL the pics. :wtflol:
  10. Waitbird

    First haircut gone wrong

    I just HAVE to complain about this. So I asked my mom to take my daughter for a haircut before our holiday pictures. She thought $15 was too much to spend for a professional cut so she cut my daughters hair herself. (This is my older hearing daughter, not my new baby.) OH MY GOSH it turned out...
  11. Waitbird

    New hearing aids

    That’s awesome! I was very fortunate that my daughters hearing aids were 100% covered too. HUGE relief. Unfortunately the batteries still come out of pocket.
  12. Waitbird

    Baby’s glitter earmolds

    Thank you Tristen! Plain pink sounds cute too. I think I’m gonna get her one solid color with glitter next time. Maybe purple with glitter? What color earmolds do you wanna get your daughter next time?
  13. Waitbird

    Translating asl gestures to text

    I'm in awe of how complex and unique of a language system ASL is, primarily because it is a signed, not spoken, language. So, let's say I see someone sign a particular sign, and I want to know what it means. Uhhh...big problem! Unlike written languages, I can't simply "type" the gesture as text...
  14. Waitbird

    14 with abaha

    Hello, nice to meet you Abby! those are good resources to keep in mind for when my daughter is school age. thanks for sharing.
  15. Waitbird

    Teaching On Glide

    If you figure out how to add more members please add me. snookums88
  16. Waitbird

    Baby’s glitter earmolds

    Haha awww thank you :angel:
  17. Waitbird

    Baby’s glitter earmolds

    Thank you! the Bright colors make me smile every time i put them in her ears. She is adjusting well and is waaay more alert with them in. I just have to take them out so she will nap though. The sound keeps her awake!
  18. Waitbird

    Baby’s glitter earmolds

    My baby girl got her first hearing aids yesterday!! We ordered pink/purple/turquoise swirl earmolds with irridescent glitter. They turned out so cool and remind me of the Aurora Borealis! Here are pics of my baby girl and her new hearing technology. What do you think? Glittery by Waitbird posted...
  19. Waitbird

    New cochlear family member

    Nice to meet you! Looking forward to getting to know you.
  20. Waitbird

    Person Below Me

    SNOW. I love to ski! TPBM: Thanksgiving plans?