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  1. Etoile

    Deaf transsexual raped and attempted murder

    The Pueblo Chieftain Online :: Warrant issued in attempted murder, rape of transsexual Warrant issued in attempted murder, rape of transsexual Suspect denied involvement when questioned. By ANTHONY A. MESTAS THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN TRINIDAD - Police are investigating the alleged rape and...
  2. Etoile

    Can you sell a VPAD+?

    I know some people here have connections to companies so maybe they will know the answer. I bought a VPAD+ for $99 from Viable. Now I have a Purple Netbook that was a gift. I don't need the VPAD+ anymore I guess. Am I allowed to sell it? Give it to a friend who doesn't have a VP? I...
  3. Etoile


    Is anybody attending ColorFEST at Gallaudet next week?
  4. Etoile

    Neckloops in public places - do they ever work?!

    I recently got a telecoil program on my hearing aids. This weekend I went to the theater and asked for a neckloop. I was disappointed to find that it didn't work; I think the battery in the main unit (where the loop plugs in) was dead. Does anyone ever bring their own neckloop to...
  5. Etoile

    Telecoil mode with Blackberry Curve

    Has anybody successfully used the telecoil mode with a Blackberry Curve? I just had the Telecoil program added to my HA's recently so I can use it with neckloops at performances. I normally use my Streamer to connect to my phone via Bluetooth, but I figured I had the Telecoil mode now, so I...
  6. Etoile

    Anybody used Shake Awake travel alarm?

    My wife is tired of me not hearing my alarm clock and she says I should get a bed shaker. I am thinking of getting the Shake Awake because it will be stronger than my phone vibration. My only concern is that it does not seem to allow both buzz AND vibration, you have to pick one or the other...
  7. Etoile

    Any hybrid/EAS trial participants here?

    Just wondering if anyone on AD is involved in Med-El's clinical trials for the hybrid EAS technology? I have some questions about it for someone who is using it. :)
  8. Etoile

    Please help me out if you can!

    I need help with two things. #1 - I am trying to win $500 by inviting people to It's a cool site where you can check off stuff on lists to show that you've done it. Or you can make a list and see what other people have done! It's really awesome. There's 12 hours left in the...
  9. Etoile

    Editing captions, removing content

    I've noticed that sometimes the content on captions is edited and doesn't match what is being said. I'm referring to captions on regular TV shows, not live captions. Sesame Street does this for a very good reason. Little kids read more slowly than adults, so they reduce the captions and leave...
  10. Etoile

    My deaf cat is leaving tomorrow, very sad

    I just wanted to share with my AD friends. I am sitting and crying right now because tomorrow we have to take our sweet kitty to the vet to be put to sleep. She is only 13 or 14 but she is senile, and she has kidney failure. She is completely deaf and can't see or smell very well. She walks...
  11. Etoile

    Welcome Facebookers!

    I noticed AD is advertising on Facebook so I thought I would make a place for you folks to come and say hi. :)
  12. Etoile

    Homework help - how do you sign these words?

    It's very embarrassing, but I didn't do my HW for Linguistics until the last minute! So now I need to ask on AD for some help. I will be asking you how you sign 2 particular signs and then I will ask you for some basic information like what state are you from, what type of school did you go...
  13. Etoile

    Hearing aids for profound losses

    This is something I have wondered about. What benefit do people with a profound loss get from hearing aids? Is there any point to wearing them? I know a lot of people DO...but is there a point? I always thought profound meant "can't hear at all" aka no residual would HA's even...
  14. Etoile

    My "Epoq" Journey

    *deep breath* I have an appointment with the hearing aid people on Wednesday. The place I am buying it from says I have to go see their people instead of the Gallaudet clinic...fine, I can handle that, it's a pretty convenient location and I have all my records already. I said that I...
  15. Etoile

    Anybody familiar with Virginia Voc Rehab?

    I have an appointment this afternoon with VR, I am in Virginia. Does anybody know anything about VR here? Are they generous, or is it hard to get things you need? I am excited and nervous at the same time!
  16. Etoile

    Open fit vs. regular earmolds?

    Can someone tell me the pros and cons of having open fit HA and regular earmolds? I would like to know good and bad points about each kind. :)
  17. Etoile

    HA's for high frequency loss?

    I was recently diagnosed with a hearing loss after a year of frustration with missing things. I am mild across the board (30-35dB) and worse in high frequencies (60-70dB). The audiologist said hearing aids won't really help, and she gave me information on communication strategies, but for a...
  18. Etoile

    Sign language in Aruba?

    Does anybody know what language deaf people use in Aruba? I visited the island today, and the tour guide told me there are deaf people there, they have an organization and everything, but I can't find info online. Do they use local sign language, like maybe Arubian Sign Language, or do they...
  19. Etoile


    Does anybody have any experience with the "CCExtractor" from this website? CCExtractor home page
  20. Etoile

    Did you know ASL isn't a language, Stokoe invented SEE, and interpreters are evil?

    At least, that is what "truesign" wants you to believe. I'm not sure talking to this guy will be effective, but please check out his words here: