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  1. KingDragon

    Anyone know about z5H?

    I am still work for z tech support and I can give you a share little information from my z work. - for Hearing can sign up z5h only point to point same as "Z5h" couldn't be outside any other than purple or soreson and etc. - for Deaf Z5 call to hearing z5h with an interpreter, coming SOON!
  2. KingDragon

    BioLite Camp stove

    not bad idea!
  3. KingDragon


    Give them more time to do this. I'm pretty sure there are million older movie but couldn't get all at once.
  4. KingDragon

    What is your computer spec?

    Asus Saberton x58 i7 3.16ghz 1333mhz 800watt ps 12gb ram 1333mhz 300gb hd 10,000rpm viper - run windows 7 300gb 7200 rpm - run 10.7 lion 300gb 5400rpm backup Asus navida 460gtx 780mb 24inch dell 1960x1600 \ 21 dell 1600x1280 Run windows 7 x64 and 10.7 lion
  5. KingDragon

    Netflix app on Android question

    Netflix is make promise for android to get work on the closed caption. Sometime this fall 2011.
  6. KingDragon

    Picture of your pets

  7. KingDragon

    Deskop Share
  8. KingDragon

    Who you'd Be Today - ASL Music Productions

    Oh yeah, I knew that but it would be more hard for me to do it edit in the movie. I think it will be better off audio because we are deafs? Maybe someday I will. There will come up new video. Keey it an eyes out. Thanks!
  9. KingDragon

    Who you'd Be Today - ASL Music Productions

    YouTube - Who You'd Be Today - ASL
  10. KingDragon

    Anyone playing Guild Wars

    I do playing Guild Wars and WOW
  11. KingDragon

    Dell XPS-420 8GB RAM?

    suggest you to get sp1, it will show you full ram memory. I have same problem with this before. here is link - Download details: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330)
  12. KingDragon

    64-bit OS

    I am using 32-bit for ultimate vista. its much faster than all version.
  13. KingDragon

    How to use BlackBerry-laptop internet tether

    hope it will help you some tips - DeafBerry
  14. KingDragon

    Your YOUTUBE here...

    YouTube - The many Char of IAN *DEAF*
  15. KingDragon

    Have you tried ooVoo? How is it?

    i like it, can up to 8 people chat same time.
  16. KingDragon

    speed connection

    i just doing test on the cable report speed. download 13meg and upload is 2.0meg. almost 280kb upload. I am really shock big time because all my life i only got like 400kb never had more than 2.0meg. and yes i got good service here. I will never let it go. heh. only cost me 44 dollars monthly...
  17. KingDragon

    speed connection

    I don't know the answer yet. only way is I have to waiting to get cable internet on jan 2. I am just curious about that 1.0meg per sec. some people say its about 100kb upload. thats all i know ?
  18. KingDragon

    speed connection

    anyone of you know, what is mean 1.0meg upload. I could be guess about 100kb upload or more than that ? I am trying to research for that answer. I don't have one yet but I will get one on Jan 2. So, I could test it speed on the site somewhere. I just want to know before i getting it.
  19. KingDragon

    Anyone play WoW?

    Yeah. I am just curious to see who is out there play WoW. From what i hear people a lot play on this game about 200,000