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  1. Frisky Feline

    Gino Bartali : The Hero Cyclist. I know there were SO many heroes who did the same thing as Gino. If you are in mood to watch the documentary film called; my secret Italian: the forgotten heroes. it is a good one.
  2. Frisky Feline

    Deaf Couple Adopted A Cute Daughter From China.

    I have been acquainted with the couple during our college years. I learned about them that their dream came true after a year of trying to adopt a kid from china. I am very happy for them. They mentioned that their daughter has been learning ASL fast...
  3. Frisky Feline

    I Know It Is Too Early But... I Love To Fall In Love With Fall.

    Are you ready for Fall? my kids are teen.. I still hope that they are up for picking up the pumpkins and warm apple drinks. *praying hard* Oh yes I am so ready for fall. I m tired of shaving my legs so long pants will do! LOL
  4. Frisky Feline

    Ouchie, Olympic Japanese Failed At Pole Vaulter. :(
  5. Frisky Feline

    Deaf Dogs Rock!
  6. Frisky Feline

    Mmmm Nyle Dimarco, Chippendales??
  7. Frisky Feline

    Hello Everyone, Im Snooping Around Here

    Hey, I m an old member here.. my account is very much alive!!! so I thought of alldeaf so I came here. I need to touch up my memory... who are the moderators now? did I miss anything?? HEY ALEX!!!! :)
  8. Frisky Feline

    Nyle DiMarco Joins 'Dancing With the Stars'

    I hope it is going to be confirmed that he will dance! <3 Will you watch the dancing with the stars that Nyle is in it? Ha!
  9. Frisky Feline


    Did anyone of you ever bought any clothes, leggings or tops from the LuLaRoe online? Everyone gets crazy and buying so much of clothes from the lularoe through the facebook. This keeps showing up on my news feed. :eek: Nope I haven't buy any clothes from this lularoe. If they are on sale...
  10. Frisky Feline

    Grip bell

    Did you order the grip bell? The Deaf guy named Mark Wood who invented the new produce that is a form of dumb bell or kettle bell. But Grip Bell is a new produce. It appears to me that it looks comfortable to hold/grip the bell. :)...
  11. Frisky Feline

    Documentary about New Zealand sign language

    it just been put on line recently, it appears to be a long 28 minutes documentary about New Zealand Sign Language. Oh the documentary talks about the limitation of its use, and the problem of ownership of the language. Hope you all enjoy watch this.
  12. Frisky Feline

    Interesting video about ...audism

    interesting video about internalized audism and psycholgoicial resilence.
  13. Frisky Feline

    Go pro vs bloggie

    I am so Sorry for making the new thread about::::: GO PRO VS BLOGGIE.. discussion! ok my turn: My friend happened to be in the LA Marathon and he walked powerful, not runner. So his go pro went DIED on him while his friend who had bloggie who had longer battery life. I learned...
  14. Frisky Feline

    furkids's cremation

    I know its SAD. I lost another fur son of ours, this past weekend. We are grieving over the loss of our furbaby. My son took it hard but he knows that he is going to be OK. I am glad that he passed away at our home instead of at the Vet. He had health issues for years. The whole point...
  15. Frisky Feline


    Which IPHONE or SAMSUNG do you have right now? Sorry, I ask only two kind of phone. :hmm:
  16. Frisky Feline

    Selfie sticks banned at U.S. museums, other attractions worldwide
  17. Frisky Feline

    feeling in their scars?

    Does anyone ever get a painful or pinch feeling in their scars when they stretch? It felt like the scars tissue is pulling? just another lame question. :fruit: Yep, it happens to me all the time and i hate it!
  18. Frisky Feline

    Ski resorts

    What is your favorite SKI RESORT? any comments? :fruit:
  19. Frisky Feline

    Deaf Heart what do you think of the word: Deaf Heart? I know most of you who are either CI Users, deaf oral or late deaf but some of you may know ASL.
  20. Frisky Feline

    Valentine's day what do you think???

    What do you think of this Valentine's Day??? <3 :wiggle: :fruit: