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  1. mortimer mouse

    panzer rollen in Afrika vor

    Panzer des Führers Ihr Briten habt acht, sie sind zu Eurer Vernichtungs erdacht! Sie fürchten vor Tod und vor Teufel sich nicht, an Ihnen der Britische Hochmut zerbricht! Heiß über Afrikas Boden die Sonne glüht, Unsere Panzermotoren singen ihr Lied! Deutsche Panzer im Sonnenbrand, Stehen...
  2. mortimer mouse

    rome archaeological with photos

    the pleasure of discovery! extraordinary archaeological discovery occurred to fifteen feet deep in a construction site of the line underground. in the seventh century there was a large farm that extended over 14 thousand square feet with a colossal pool, a body of water that measures a...
  3. mortimer mouse

    starkey - digital version

    I would like to share with everyone my experience with new hearing aids. Also the previous prosthesis are digital, brand amplifon. I can say that with these new prosthesis, I have officially purchased November 4, today I feel much better, there are no the annoyances due to noises that...
  4. mortimer mouse

    I pretended to be deaf just to keep my boyfriend that there are the strange stories .... :laugh2:
  5. mortimer mouse

    tear down this wall summer 1988 - 26 years ago! As time has gone .....
  6. mortimer mouse

    sunrise, sunset, fog ...

    is it a dream? i love this world.... :hug:
  7. mortimer mouse

    NOT to emulate !!
  8. mortimer mouse

    i returned

    sorry if I disappeared without saying anything, but I had big problems with the job. now it's better, and we hope that in the future everything will go well! every now and then return to greet you and to read your funny comments in the forums! :wave: :wave: :wave:
  9. mortimer mouse

    deaf in FRISCO and DENVER?

    hello guys, most likely I will be in san francisco denver and between April and / or May. I will give more precise dates for confirmations more forward .... anyone who wants to grab a beer with us (me and a friend)? :wave:
  10. mortimer mouse

    today 2013-tomorrow 2014

    Happy New Year to all Americans deaf! we will meet here next year. :cheers::party::wiggle::dj: and for only females (i hope beautiful) :kiss: :D
  11. mortimer mouse

    I am looking for a strange love

    I am looking for a woman extremely beautiful, extremely rich, extremely single, with two poops so (very vague measures, to be explored ....) but above that gives without problems! in exchange for these requirements, I am available for an engagement February 31! so there will be a woman...
  12. mortimer mouse

    Former deaf Europeans who have moved permanently in the USA

    dear deafs! I kindly ask all of you if you know people deaf of European origins who for whatever reason have moved to the united states. I would like to open a topic that interests me and that I can compare with these people. I hope to find this gift under the Christmas tree :D
  13. mortimer mouse

    ways to avoid the traffic ...

  14. mortimer mouse

    Make way for for the new arrival! (but are not as overweight ....! )

    hallo! i'm a man with 39 summers on the rump! :lol: i'm in europe now, but soon I hope to go and live in the usa.... without haste! so much usa are there more than 200 years :laugh2: my best regards !