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  1. Kaitin

    Deaf Education - One size does not fit all

    I don't forget your posts. Usually you talk about how hard ASL is for hearing parents and nothing about how hard communication is for deaf kid. Or deaf kid should learn ASL after learning English - many years later, so probably not so fluent and with years lost without ASL. And often you write...
  2. Kaitin

    Hello from Michigan

  3. Kaitin

    Deaf in CSI?

    I don't watch TV and now watch almost none because of studying. But a friend said maybe a guy on CSI is deaf and uses ASL. Anyone watch CSI and know if this is true or false? Last week for the first time I watched 10 minutes of CSI and didn't see anyone signing, but I don't know the characters...
  4. Kaitin

    Deaf Education - One size does not fit all

    Isn't the family learning ASL a great gift TO a deaf child FROM a hearing family? If they start when the kid is a baby and keep learning, the parents could have good ASL skills when the kid is a few years old and then the kid and parents maybe are fluent. What a great gift! Since the hearing...
  5. Kaitin


    Sorry my reply is late. No sauce or soy sauce with wasabi (green hot stuff from sushi restaurant). It is great any way! :)
  6. Kaitin

    Respect for all

    Great post, R2D2. A lot of other great posts also by other ADers - too many to quote! :)
  7. Kaitin

    Returning Adopted Deaf Children...

    :cry: I hope the story isn't true. It is too horrible.
  8. Kaitin

    It is the Random Question Game.... :):):):)

    No. Will you watch the super bowl? Have a super bowl party?
  9. Kaitin

    Respect for all

    Please think about all posts.....At the start, all have respect for you and other hearing parents. Even with disagreement, almost all have respect. Most "agree to disagree and treat each other with respect". A lot of ADers think CI is a "very valuable tool". With respect and sincerity, maybe you...
  10. Kaitin

    Dealing with parents...

    Hi, Jenny: I haven't read all the replies and must logoff soon. but a quick thought: I agree with Jillio about meeting with disability services. Bring your audiogram and other data from the audiology appointment (like comprehension scores) and maybe with a letter explaining from your...
  11. Kaitin

    The Trio Game

    Sorry, Steph - you are right! Good job! :)
  12. Kaitin


    I love sushi, especially salmon sushi. My parents make vegetarian sushi. It is very good! :)
  13. Kaitin

    The Trio Game

    I hope!! 1. 81 quintillion tons 2. Phases and tides 3. Cheese
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    The Trio Game

    Red rose?
  15. Kaitin

    my cat is 8 months old..

    So cute, Tweetybird! :)
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    So very cute! :ty: for the pictures!
  17. Kaitin

    Brokeback Mountain Star Heath Ledger Found Dead

    Very sad. :(
  18. Kaitin

    deaf in a hearing job

    In the summer I worked for a research lab. Most of my co-workers were visiting MD/PhD from Japan and didn't speak English really. I didn't understand anything they say, and they didn't with me also. But they were no problem because my work was alone. I was given a list of assays (like...
  19. Kaitin

    Explaining Cued Speech - from an expert.

    Sorry! My mistake with cut and paste! Here is a correction - ;)
  20. Kaitin

    The Trio Game

    Not really correct, but ok. The answer is collosal squid - this has hooks instead of suckers like giant squid. Here's pictures: Your turn, WhiteWolves! :)