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  1. natty_4ever

    Studying Abroad

    Any deafies on here ever studied abroad? What was the experience like? I think it'd be cool to go to Gallaudet and study somewhere like Italy!
  2. natty_4ever

    How much do you wear your hearing aids?

    Explain why you chose your answer, I'm curious!
  3. natty_4ever

    Hamill the Movie Release?

    When is it supposed to be released to the general public?! I really want to see it, but I know only select cities have seen it already for festivals and such. I want to know what's up, I want to watch it! If you've seen it, did you like it?
  4. natty_4ever

    Who posted about getting a binder of info about DHH options?

    I used the search button for "binder of information" because I couldn't remember exactly what the post said, but I know someone posted about getting a binder when a deaf/HOH child is born or something like that. It supposedly contains information about ASL, mainstreaming, deaf schools, and any...
  5. natty_4ever

    Do you think sexuality is on a sliding scale?

    I'm curious to see how many of you believe that you must be straight, gay, lesbian, or bi. I've had people say you must be one of the above, and that there are no in-betweens. I believe that sexuality is on a sliding scale and you can be between straight and bi, etc. Kinda like the Kinsey...
  6. natty_4ever

    Do you believe women are harsher about looks than men, or vice versa?

    I was just curious as to what others believe on this. I've heard some people say that women bash other women in terms of looks than men do, but I've also heard opinions that men seem to put down women more easily. It doesn't have to refer to the opposite sex, it can refer to the same sex. In...
  7. natty_4ever

    What is homework like at Gally?

    Wirelessly posted This might be a weird question, but I just thought of it. Do you have to write papers at Gally or do you do video essays in ASL? This question might even apply to a deaf school in general. What is the homework (and all other work) like in terms of writing or signing?
  8. natty_4ever

    Marlee Matlin, "I'll Scream Later"

    I tried to do a search for this, because I thought someone might've brought this up already, but didn't see anything on it! So, have any of you read Matlin's book, "I'll Scream Later" ? Opinions? I might read it soon.
  9. natty_4ever

    VRS if only an ASL beginner?

    I know you're not supposed to get VRS if you don't primarily use ASL, but I'd like to get it since speech is basically useless for me. I already know about captioning on my phone, but I'm hoping to resort to ASL as my primary language once I become fluent enough. I hate trying to understand...
  10. natty_4ever

    Miss Deaf USA/America

    I'm just curious if anyone on here has entered either of these pageants, or will in the future. Opinions are also welcome! I had only found out that these existed just recently. I tried to search and see if a previous post has been created for this topic, but the search would not work for me...
  11. natty_4ever

    Are there any deaf/Deaf lawyers on AD?

    I'm interested in a career in law and would like to know if there's any deafies who are lawyers on here and could share their experiences in a field that relies so heavily on communication and such. :)
  12. natty_4ever

    Is it stupid of me to go to a deaf meet with only limited ASL?

    I really want to practice and learn more ASL. I only have a very basic knowledge, and I am slowly becoming profoundly deaf, so I definitely need to learn. I would also like to meet other people like me, as I have only met one other HOH person in my life, no deaf/Deaf, just a girl with a...
  13. natty_4ever

    Has anyone else had issues with captioning and paying attention?

    Today was the first time I've ever gotten captioning at school before. I am in college, and I got one/two captionists in each class. The only thing is, with about 2, maybe even 3 teachers, I find myself looking at the screen often, with one teacher I need to STARE at the screen because he seems...
  14. natty_4ever

    HOH vs. Deaf--which do I sign?

    Hi everyone! I'm just wondering if I were to introduce myself in asl, would I sign hearing or deaf, since I can hear some, but not all? I have a moderately severe to severe loss if it makes a difference.
  15. natty_4ever

    Hey everyone !

    I'm Natalie, from Louisiana. I'm in college, and I'm excited to be here on AD! :) I'm HOH with a moderately severe to severe loss, and I'm not sure what else you guys should know, so hello!