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  1. Afutureinterpreter

    Not having any luck finding friends here.

    Hello everyone! Just turned 18, not really active here as much anymore because I am not really making any friends here. I would love someone to practice with and/or a friend.
  2. Afutureinterpreter

    Really need people/friends to practice with!

    I don't know anyone who is hard of hearing or Deaf. I would really love it if someone could practice with me sometimes by sending videos or even occasional zooms. I do not live near any Deaf institutions, so I only practice alone.
  3. Afutureinterpreter

    I want to normalize ASL and want to give equal access to information to everyone

    Hello! I'm Anja, and I am learning ASL. Aside from the fact that I think it is a beautiful language, I want to normalize ASL in everyday life and I want to ensure that those who are Deaf or hard of hearing have the same access to information as everyone else. Interpreters sometimes miss...