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  1. natty_4ever

    so i want to go to gallaudet after high school...

    Yeah, you might be far from home, but lots of students are too! You won't be alone if you get homesick. Plus you can always Skype, VP, send mail, etc. It's a bad neighborhood, but as long as you aren't out by yourself wandering the bad area at night, you'll be fine. Basically you just need to...
  2. natty_4ever

    Deaf from birth...or? (poll)

    Not sure what caused my deafness. We don't know if it's from birth or what! Grew up HOH with a progressive loss & now am D/deaf. :)
  3. natty_4ever

    Transferring to Gally?

    Sorry I'm stalking your thread! I've made a bunch of friends so far from Gallaudet, and guess what? A BUNCH of them are currently at JumpStart NSP. Tons of them were mainstreamed and oral, so they don't know much sign at all, if any. You wouldn't be alone in learning ASL. I was worried I would...
  4. natty_4ever

    Oh My God... The Largest Gummy Bear!

    I got that for my boyfriend last year as part of his birthday present! We'd joked about it, so I got him one. They're definitely big. We had to cut it into pieces, and it lasted a while.
  5. natty_4ever

    Transferring to Gally?

    Ohh, you're a CODA! Cool! The New Signers Program, from what I understand, is REALLY beginner. Example here: ‪JumpStart 2010‬‏ - YouTube . Obviously it's a long, intensive program, so it does go through more useful, conversational ASL. To give you an idea of what my ASL is like, I'm...
  6. natty_4ever

    Earphones/Headphones for HAs

    I have the Streamer too, and mine broke after less than one semester's use. I didn't even use it everyday or anything, but something with the internal circuitry broke and Oticon said they wouldn't fix it but it wasn't my fault. Stupid thing. Anyway, I think the headphone issue with hearies...
  7. natty_4ever


    THIS. I grew up JUST LIKE YOU, OP. I grew up mainstreamed in an all-hearing school and was the only deaf student in the ENTIRE school. I only had hearing aids and nothing else. Guess what? I was in the top of my class in AP English also! In fact, I did so good because I graduated high school...
  8. natty_4ever

    Transferring to Gally?

    I sure am! Buff and blue! <3 Oooh, how much can you sign? I grew up totally mainstreamed and oral, but I've learned ASL in the past year and I'm skipping the New Signers program because I don't think I need it. My friends who are Gally graduates said I know enough that I'd be bored in the NSP...
  9. natty_4ever

    Transferring to Gally?

    I'd apply ASAP to Gallaudet for next semester (Spring). It's DEFINITELY not too late to transfer, because I'm transferring schools after my 2nd year of college when I already have junior and some senior level credits. Talk to a counselor first, because they know better than me, but they can...
  10. natty_4ever

    Time to start thinking about college..yikes!

    I grew up going to a mainstreamed school as well. In fact, I went to a mainstreamed college, and now I'm transferring. :) I wanted to be around more people like me (my school only had a total of about 23 deaf people, and only 4 signers). I used to be totally oral like you, but then I started...
  11. natty_4ever

    Time to start thinking about college..yikes!

    Whew, after reading some of your posts in this forum recently, I'd say you need to take a breath and relax! College is important, but don't stress over getting a job before you've even decided a major! RIT is definitely academically better for undergraduate students than Gally. When I say RIT, I...
  12. natty_4ever

    First Timer to a deaf college

    Have you signed up for the JumpStart New Signers Program at Gally? It's an ASL learning program for first time signers before you enter in the fall. I think it's like 4 weeks long or something like that. Here's the link: Jumpstart: New Signers It's a great way to make friends too, because...
  13. natty_4ever

    What is it like at Gallaudet University?

    I've met so many more people and learned so much now that I feel like those people are really few and far in between. I don't know of any deaf who care if you use your voice, obviously we can't hear it. As for sim comming, some of them don't like it because it can mess up your ASL, but i've...
  14. natty_4ever

    What is it like at Gallaudet University?

    Just a thought, networking with the deaf at Gally or RIT/NTID is extremely helpful. Gally does internships and RIT has co-ops, so you also get real life experience that looks good on your resume. When you do networking there and make connections, it's so much easier to get a job. All my friends...
  15. natty_4ever

    Signs that are not in the dictionarys

    Miniskirt, I'd sign skirt and demonstrate that it was short. Platform boots, I'd spell platform and sign boots. Then for Harry Potter, I've seen a sign name for him before, but I don't know how common that is. The sign name I've seen was HP done on the chest by the heart, probably to symbolize...
  16. natty_4ever

    Deaf for AG Bell

    I don't personally know of any deaf people who openly support AG Bell. I know of about 3 people who follow the AG Bell sort of "lifestyle," I suppose, but that's it. The three of them have bluntly said they do not need ASL. Two are bilaterally implanted, the other just got her first one. All...
  17. natty_4ever

    Finding Deaf Community!?

    I posted the answer to your question up above. It's post #32, I believe. But if you still can't find it, go to
  18. natty_4ever

    I really want to learn ASL.

    Thank you so much! :hug: ASL and finding the Deaf community have changed my life so much--and for the better! I hope Jennifer gets the same wonderful experience I've gotten to have. OP, any updates?!
  19. natty_4ever

    Time to start thinking about college..yikes!

    Oh, I understand. Well, if you go to NTID/RIT or Gallaudet, I will tell you that they have tutoring for you. It's not a bad thing and it's not like high school tutoring from my experience. Other universities might have it, but not all of them. I'm just speaking for the two that I know will have...
  20. natty_4ever

    Why everyone have to hate people with CI?

    This is me to the CORE! I just wish more parents realized how much they deprive their child if they don't allow them to learn ASL and interact with the Deaf community. Even if you implant them, I don't care. Parents just need to remember that their child is deaf, no matter what device they...