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    Stop The Bullying on AD

    It seems to me a lot recent threads/post have been blustering with anger, finger pointing, name calling, hateful words, and bullying . Yes, Deaf are BLUNT. words can come out rude at times and can be said nicer with better word choices. lets drop the bullying on both sides....hearing and...
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    What will you up grade to?

    What kind of cell phone do you have now...AND...What will be your next cell phone you buy? I have a Motorola Droid one will be the Galaxy Note 3 coming out this fall. (i text only) i love the new larger screen size. Galaxy Note-3 screen will be 6.3" Easier to text with. Better...
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    prisoners live better than our homeless....geez

    Just watched..."lock up raw"....and i was blown away to see the prisoners with computers inside their cells, nice weight equipment, gym room, tv room! Wow, those guys have it better than the men and women living on the streets with no place to lay their head. I dont get it !!!
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    whats up with these hearing people -2

    IN my other thread i posted.....Whats going on with all these hearing........or whatever i titled it, i was referring to those who cannot speak....but honestly NEED sign language should get all the support and teaching they possibly can. However....we do have SOME...SOME...SOME...mentally ill...
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    Just Curious

    Did your parents sign with you at home when you were younger? Was it hard communicating with them? What about siblings?
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    Whats up with these hearing people?

    ITS really starting to annoy me. Maybe you have seen some of them on here. Yeah, you know the kind. Those strange hearing ( NOT ALL HEARING PEOPLE) get on here saying they can hear, but cant talk. Oh, please, are they for real? They want join Deaf community? What???? Your own hearing community...
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    Dating after 50? is it too late?

    Are you over 50 and single Deaf? Is it too late to find someone at this age ? Its hard. Share your experience.
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    looking for deaf roommate Jan 2013

    i am deaf lady. i do not smoke, drink or do wild things. i looking for a nice room mate to start in Jan 2013. i live in north Austin, Tx. i hope this right place for this. if not, pls forgive me. thank you. Posted from App for Android
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    If Deaf never had sign language, would you hearing still want to know us??

    I often wonder.....many hearing say they love the Deaf. But is it the signs the hearing love? if we deaf never had a language, would hearing still want be our friends, help us, want to know us, ???? Posted from App for Android
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    Fake deaf

    Anybody know person FAKE DEAF? I met young woman fake deaf. make me sick! Posted from App for Android