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  1. CrazyPaul

    What's going on?

    I have been a member for a long time so I want to read my last post but I can't. Why?
  2. CrazyPaul

    Baker paid damages award
  3. CrazyPaul

    US military running out of bombs What? We run out of bombs? Seriously? US military needs more funds for new bombs. Meaning our federal taxes will go up?
  4. CrazyPaul

    Cleveland Protest

    Oh no, there is another protest. I understand that Officer Michael Brelo was acquitted of manslaughter through the trial. I disagree with the judge's decision. I still don't understand why they protest while the DOJ...
  5. CrazyPaul

    Lincoln Continental is coming back
  6. CrazyPaul

    3 Muslim Students shot in the head OMG! Wondering if NC has a death penalty or not.
  7. CrazyPaul

    Cop's body camera recorded his last moment OMG, if the cop had a partner with him, he might be still alive. Sad!
  8. CrazyPaul

    3 Terror suspects dead, one female wanted Reba, I am sorry for your closed thread. I shouldn't have asked DHB about ideology that might be a part of religious belief before Alex caught it.
  9. CrazyPaul

    A question for the Joker

    What the hell happened to many businesses that ran out of business during Bush Adm (Republicans) before Obama becomes our President?
  10. CrazyPaul

    FCC's new annoucement (10/14/14) FCC plans to establish its new system for deaf people to make video calls to government agencies and businesses in the near future.
  11. CrazyPaul

    A Happy Ending for Nurse Nina and her dog They will be reunited tomorrow.
  12. CrazyPaul

    Nurse refuses 21-day quarantine Is she looking for trouble? Suppose if later she's found that she has Ebola, that means her family and other people that she physically contacted in America may get it, too. That's a crime, isn't it?
  13. CrazyPaul

    New app called Glide Watch comment #11 and 12. It's perfect for ASLers. You can sign what you say and send the video message instead of texting. No need to VP via signmail or facetime (only available for iPhone users).
  14. CrazyPaul

    Home Depot's computer system hacked!

    Home Depot investigating 'massive' hack - Sep. 2, 2014 Damn, they say they are 100% secure which is not true.
  15. CrazyPaul

    FLA same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

    Judge strikes Florida's same-sex marriage ban -
  16. CrazyPaul

    Homeowner killed the fleeing female burglar

    Man, 80, to be charged for killing 'pregnant' intruder? - I hope that the 80 years old homeowner will be arrested. He knows it and doesn't care because he is satisfied that he killed her since his home has been burglarized for 4th time.
  17. CrazyPaul

    Strippers Sue SD Police and City

    San Diego strippers sue city, cops; say club inspection turned into photo peep show: lawsuit* - NY Daily News Interesting, the city of SD requires strippers to have a license for stripping at Strippers bars. I never heard of it before. Is SD the only one?
  18. CrazyPaul

    Mom left child and dog in hot car

    Rockville mother accused of leaving young son, puppy in hot car during shopping spree at Lakeforest Mall | The witness called 911 that's a good thing.
  19. CrazyPaul

    Another cop killed the pet dog

    Dog owner berates Salt Lake City police officers for shooting pet dead | Mail Online Oh boy, who does the cop think he is? The dog owner was very upset so he made a video while confronting the cops. They had no right to search his backyard while the owner was not home. A lot of people are...
  20. CrazyPaul

    For DVTV viewers

    Anyone of you who surf DVTV, did you notice that it has been changed? I haven't surfed it for a long time until now. The pop-up window shows that I am blocking ads so I can't go in. What's up with that? It's my rights to block ads in Firefox. Oh well, DVTV is going to lose a lot of viewers...