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    Wanted to say good bye and good luck

    Wanted to say good bye and good luck. Leaving AD. Since I don't come around here very much now. It was nice meeting you all folks on AD. T'care.
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    Can I sleep in this doghouse? unbelieveable --- look at the price!
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    Here is my dog...

    his name is Spot...enjoy.
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    Funny Dog Pictures...

    why not start a new thread for dogs... what's that thing down there? give my damn ball back! there is something up in my ass... let's pushhhhh him!!!! hot dogs? anyone? whoa there baby.... caught.... that is one nasty couple there. a crowdog you...
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    Awesome Fishing included on a bad note: they get a battery and put the jumper cables to the battery and then the other end in the water which electrifies the water. So, it's pretty much shocking the fish, making them jump out of the water
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    New Survivor nice that would be for WOMEN!

    You have to read this! > > This would be the BIGGEST HIT ever know to television. Every woman would > tune in to watch !! > > The Next Survivor Series: > > Six married men will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids > each for six weeks. > > Each kid will play two...
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    NEW IDEA!!! for the AD LOGO?!?!?!

    pls check this out and CLICK on the link, it was over at other board where I am a member there. see how creative that is.
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    Queen Isabella of Spain --- Gross.

    Queen Isabella of Spain, one of history's most famous rulers and sponsor of Christopher Columbus' voyages, bragged that she took only two baths in her entire life -- when she was born and when she got married. Of course, hygiene standards have improved in 500 years Ughh.. I don't think I can...
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    Need your IDEAS!

    I need to change my avatar since I am seeking better one for better life I want to lead. due to separation from my hubby. I wanna something wild, cool and maybe animated....I don't care! Send me ideas!!!! :gossip:
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    Downing is BaCk.

    I'm back from my trip. Thanks for everyone's comments on other thread. Funeral was nice. Sad but I know Grandma is better off. Thanks again.
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    Take the Test - Are you a Nerd? I scored 31.88% I know I am definetly not a Nerd. Whew....
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    Sad News.......

    I will be gone for a while, I gotta go fly to Dallas w my boys and drive up to Kansas, my grandma passed away this morning. I am glad she is in peace and no more suffering for her. What a hell week I had....I will see you maybe before Halloween. See ya around.....downing
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    Do you think Katie Holmes is suffering in silence for Tom Cruise?

    I just read this article from newspaper called "Express" It says... ARGHH-SHHH! If You Think Katie's Suffering In Silence Now - Katie Holmes may be in for the ride of her life when she gives birth to the child she and fiance Tom Cruise are expecting. The New York Daily News reports...
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    Updated pix of my dog, Spot

    Enjoy.. taken yesterday. Spot trying to catch ball (interesting action!) Spot in his new bed. (Gift from a friend in NC) Close up of Spot...
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    Need bit of help here.

    I am having some kind of family crisis here at home right now. I have to find a roommate to help to pay for the mortgage. I have made flyers/advertisement for a female roommate (straight or gay). I was thinking it would be nice to have another deaf roommate, any idea where should I post or...
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    For Tamara

    I really love your avatar... everytime i see your avatar. I crack up. Great one.
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    I am looking into Blackberries... I can not find a good deal for Blackberries that have unlimited IMs....some doesnt have IM and some does... I am interested in 7520 bec it has GPS... but I don't see IMs in there... I like 7290 cuz it has IMs but doesn't have GPS... arghhh...
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    Greek Air Tragedy;_ylt=AqXZAQLyAMIfkVbK9AO1SEWaK8MA;_ylu=X3oDMTA5bGVna3NhBHNlYwNzc3JlbA-- I find this very odd and unusual.. Flying tomb... hmmm... what is your intakes on this?
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    Well... Why Gee It's

    my 1,000th post.... let's see I would say thanks for AD, I wouldn't have been addicted to AD in first place. Thanks Folks.... :popcorn:
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    My dog Spot

    Here is a pic of our puppy Spot, he is only 4 1/2 months old at 1.9 lbs, he is an AKC teacup Chihuahua. Enjoy!