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  1. Grayma

    Gobekli Tepe

    Steinhauer's post on the baltic sea anomaly made me think if this story that I've been reading about for a while. I don't know why it fascinates me so much, but it does: We used to think agriculture gave rise to cities and later to writing, art, and religion. Now the world’s oldest temple...
  2. Grayma

    Sign Language and the Importance of Early Language Learning for All Children

    And has basic common sense rather than book knowledge. Really, anybody who thinks signing would delay speech is somebody who just totally lacks real life, practical, common sense. It's outrageous that 'professionals' continue to deny a language to children until they've jumped through a series...
  3. Grayma

    Cereall boxes

    I just barely recognized one or two. My mother wouldn't buy commercial cereal, if we wanted it, we had to buy it ourselves. She bought oatmeal and generic cheerios, or we ate eggs and biscuits (from scratch). I also didn't have television until I was 7 or so, and then we never had cable, so not...
  4. Grayma

    kids bullied bus monitor..

    I think they should be in school, but no extra curricular activities at all- no sports, no clubs, just academics. The should also have to do a year of community service at a nursing home- not together, each one by himself or herself, with supervision. And their parents should have marched...
  5. Grayma

    How many kids do you have/want to have?

    That's really interesting. Are they a sibling group, or are you the go-to family for deaf kids in foster care?
  6. Grayma

    List USA states & countries you have touched.

    I've been to 41 states. I missed South Carolina and a few of the northeastern states. I've lived in about ten of the states. I've also been to most of the Canadian provinces, except, again, the northeast. I've lived in three countries, visited 6.
  7. Grayma

    Conflict in relationship over deafness.

    I think you're right about needing time to calm down and recover from what sounds like a very stressful weekend. But I also have no other advice to give, just my best wishes for a healthy, nurturing relationship for both of you.
  8. Grayma

    What did you do today? Part II

    Our godsons/foster sons are here for the 'week-end' (their week-ends often begin on thursday and end on Tuesday during the summer). We sorted seashells, worked on a sticker book, they went swimming with my older kids, and now they are pitching the tent in the side yard and my husband is...
  9. Grayma

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    My neighbor died in a car accident this week, leaving her husband of 25 years and two children, a 21 year old, or there abouts, boy, and a 13 year old girl. She was a lovely person. My husband and daughter were on their way home and got stuck in traffic (and we live in the country- there is no...
  10. Grayma

    what unwritten rule(s) have you followed?

    I wouldn't ask to drive somebody else's car, either, and I don't drop in on people. I also don't ask to borrow anything more significant than a book or a movie.
  11. Grayma

    Caring for a 87 years old daughter....

  12. Grayma

    Baltic Sea Anomaly

    So what do you think it is?
  13. Grayma

    What's your dinner tonight?

    Chicken, peppers and rice noodles. 21 year old cooked.
  14. Grayma


    :giggle: Everybody needs a good laugh now and then. Glad to be able to provide one.:wave:
  15. Grayma

    Military Moms Breastfeeding in Uniform Stir Controversy

    I am totally in favor of breastfeeding. Have no problem with breastfeeding in public. Extended breastfeeding is awesome (the longest I was able to nurse was two years with one of mine, but the rest were breastfed until at least one). But not in military uniform, at least in public. If you're in...
  16. Grayma

    Last Movie You Watched?

    Coraline, a creepy but cool cartoon with a really good message. Don't know if it's CC or not.
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    Maybe you are being very clever and ironic, in which case, you can have a good laugh at me. but just in case you're serious or somebody else is wondering about this- There are no words. It's just people blowing air out of their lips and making pbbtttttt noises.
  18. Grayma

    Production of Cyrano in ASL

    Linke below, and here's an excerpt from the article: Read more: CYRANO Gets Final 3 Week Extension at Fountain Theatre If you live in Southern Cal, I hope you get to see it. It looks really great.
  19. Grayma

    Cultural Difference - Hearing and Deaf

    Nope. I don't think I'm superior. I do know that I have more information about this particular situation than you do, however. That's not the back story I am talking about. It has something to do with combining various pieces of a puzzle with information a third party, who is very HoH and...
  20. Grayma

    Cultural Difference - Hearing and Deaf

    I don't think blunt is necessarily a bad thing.