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    Hi, looking to keep/improve my asl

    Good Morning, My name is Ashley and I am looking for any Deaf or HOH to help me out. I use to be fluent in ASL (more like PSE because I wasn't really a pro at the grammar lol). Anyway, I miss signing and would love to continue to Sign and maybe even learn more signs. If you would like to video...
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    Happy Halloween!!

    Happy Halloween, be safe and watch out for the kids !! :)
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    Hi, I am still knew and was wondering if Someone would like to help me with my asl? Please :) Add me : ashley.cothren (ac) Sent from my iPhone using AllDeaf
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    Hello friends

    I know some asl but I really am wanting to improve my asl and get more Deaf friends, I am friendly and respectful :) talk to please :) My contact info: My Skype: ashley.cothren Email/fb: Videophone: 1(360) 388-4121 Sent from my iPhone using AllDeaf
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    Help need someone to sign with me, Arizona area, grammar vp, skype deaf or ha...

    I am Ashley :). I am hearing, but my boyfriend (Deaf) likes to call me hard of hearing, because I have tinnitus and I have a hard time communicating with people where there is noise (and I am not talking about loud, just about any noise, it meshes together, hard to explain), anyway, like I said...