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  1. saxxykitty78

    let's play game.. who did I finally meet from this site? ;)

    You know who you are.. hush.. ;) alex u probably will know who u already met him :cool2:
  2. saxxykitty78

    San Jose valley meidcal center gets scare after gun sighting at hopsital
  3. saxxykitty78

    Happy Birthday to ADers who have birthday THIS month ;)

    like me.. I just turned 37 like last Tuesday and surprised me nobody remember to post thread for however have birthday or did that change? :D
  4. saxxykitty78

    Happy birthday to me and the rest whoever have bdays in June :)

    yep today is my birthday lol I just turned 36.. I feel old bleh.. anyway have a good evening y'all :wave:
  5. saxxykitty78

    Happy valentine's day y 'all

    Now it is here what you lovebirds will do or whoever is dingle todo for today? I will continue to spoil myself to feel pretty for no reason lol have fun y'all ;) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. saxxykitty78

    please refresh my memory....

    okay people I'm curious if some of you remember sextoon who died probably 10 years earlier.. but I am forgetting his name.. facebook bleh anyway can some of you please refresh my memory? ;) he was well known for drawing good deaf cartoon lol.. ;)
  7. saxxykitty78

    I want to rant... ;)

    I am ranting that few guys loved saying no I can't hang out with them last min.. it pissed me off.. so I had to scare one guy with something. but of course I'm just talking but hell.. do you ever expeirnce with guys cancelling to hang out with you at last min when roommates want come back home...
  8. saxxykitty78

    daylight savings return tomorrow :)

    don't forget to change your clocks an hour forward tonight :) have a great weekend.. ;)
  9. saxxykitty78

    Tgif! ;)

    now I think I should start a new thread after all it's friday and don't ask why I'm still up... but I'm heading back to bed after I finish typing this thread so have a happy friday to all of you :)
  10. saxxykitty78

    happy birthday to me, caspergemini, missywinks, and more...

    yep today is june 9th and it's my bday so nobody didn't make a thread to honor the gemini peope's bday included mine..:roll: anyway... have a good one to all of u ;)
  11. saxxykitty78

    happy birthday to alex ;)

    yep the owner of this site will be 32 soon... so wish him happy birthday and knowing myself I wud not able have time to sign in when I'm busy with my life so happy birthday alex! ;) alex.. drink one beer for me and for all of us... have fun! :cool2:
  12. saxxykitty78

    since I made 4k posts over the weekend...

    time to dedicate to alex and few friends who had been my freinds thoughout years in here and and out of this site... ;) javapride- thanks for being my friend for long time.. time to take :whip: out and be wild cat right? :giggle: RR- even tho we don't chat that much but I enjoy...
  13. saxxykitty78

    which is best fast food that serves best salads?

    sorry :lol: first time making poll anyways.. I chose carl's jr cuz i love chiptole chicken salad.. yummy! ;)
  14. saxxykitty78

    did any kids have reaction to any food?

    that shows that it bothers their stomach and need to go bathroom more often? my parents didn't realize pork was something i never supposed not to eat.. it gave me more problems than i thought so.. did u keep close eye on your kids if they show they don't like some food? and can i make...
  15. saxxykitty78

    I got some bad news....

    okay now I waited til christmas was over but yeah my family and I decided to our beloved cat carla to sleep last friday :( I don't want to ruin that for you all cuz christmas was yesterday.. well I'm doin better but still have hard time adjusting to the house being so quiet now... so.. feel free...
  16. saxxykitty78

    aloha javapride guess what?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I cud not resist.. :giggle: thanks for being there for me and I wanted to make this thread to honor u cuz it's your b-day.. even tho your b-day doesn't come til tomorrow but enjoy your b-day and have fun being 34 ;)
  17. saxxykitty78

    heat wave...

    how anyone is doing in that hot weather?... I feel like blah.. hope u guys are staying cool going swimming or making splash in pool :lol: here 108 in san jose ekkkkkk will be hot tomorrow again I was like ugh!
  18. saxxykitty78

    Did anyone notice....

    that Alex or some1 extended more numbers to able to send private messages from 125 to 200?!?! ;)
  19. saxxykitty78

    Happy Birthday fly free!!! ;)

    don't think I forgot your b-day... hope you have a greeeeattt day! ;) take care.. :)
  20. saxxykitty78

    did anyone notice something is differenet with logo? ;)

    nice to see a christmas hat hanging over the word F :lol: