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  1. Jiro

    Home Renovation/Construction

    Hey all! :wave: This thread is about home renovation/construction. Our AD-version of HGTV :) Feel free to share what you've done to your home or what you plan to do or what you've heard about. Post up the pix as well!
  2. Jiro

    Muslim Statute of Liberty

    The Statue of Liberty Was Originally a Muslim Woman
  3. Jiro

    Bounty Hunter Gaffe oooooohhhh dddddaaaannnnnngggg!
  4. Jiro

    Police Beating - Horseman

    I don't really understand why there is no sign of declining cases of police misconducts. There are cameras everywhere!!!! Have they learn nothing? The White House especially DOJ needs to send a very very stern message to the law enforcement community that there will be zero tolerance in police...
  5. Jiro

    Polite Mom and Rude Daughters

    Mom Apologizes For 'Rude And Obnoxious' Kids In Viral Facebook Post
  6. Jiro

    The Atlas of Beauty

    go to and tell me which one you like. I like Chile (bottom) :D
  7. Jiro

    Back to the Future Case an iPhone case... cool!
  8. Jiro

    You Single on Valentine's Day?

  9. Jiro

    Selfie Brush

    New selfie brush phone case lets you brush your hair before taking pictures
  10. Jiro

    Skiing the Seven Summits

    I've been following Kit DesLauriers in Instagram for a while and she just announced that her book's finally done and ready for sale - Higher Love. Skiing the Seven Summits. She is the first person to hike and ski in the highest mountain in each continents.... "The Seven Summits". She...
  11. Jiro

    Project Blue Blook

    Air Force UFO files land on Internet
  12. Jiro

    Dr. Doogie Howser Wannabe

    Teen caught after posing as OB/GYN at hospital for month, fooling doctors
  13. Jiro


    Why is United Airlines suing a 22-year-old? the fact that this boy figured out a complex formula to calculate cheapest way via skipping layovers is pure genius. it's amazing. I'm at awe.
  14. Jiro

    GXV-T - The Future Military Vehicle

    pretty cool!!!
  15. Jiro

    Free Education!

    Obama Proposes 2 Years of Free Community College Rejoice!
  16. Jiro

    um... LOL?
  17. Jiro

    Why You Should Have A Vulcan Boyfriend

    I like the "He just gets you" part.
  18. Jiro

    JPMorgan Chase Hacking

    Neglected Server Provided Entry for JPMorgan Hackers
  19. Jiro

    A Reform in Police Culture

    Use of deadly force by police disappears on Richmond streets
  20. Jiro

    North Korea Hacking

    U.S. Asks China to Help Rein In Korean Hackers interesting. never knew that NK's telecommunication goes thru China. no wonder the government found that the point of attack originated in Taiwan (I think?).