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  1. Vorsia

    DeafBlind needing a ci do to hearing not working need to be independent

    I have progressively lost more hearing now so bad
  2. Vorsia

    Found a guy so much has changed

    First miss yall so much moved to nc love it here so far oldest son isnt living with me due to psychiatric issues im in love with a guy actually crazy after me being so sick as much as i was i started to bond with him and he moved in we will see what happens next long story short im happy right...
  3. Vorsia

    Hey wasn't well again but back . hahaha

    So I might be moving to a bigger apt .I'm happy about still vegan and vaping started cbd oil and cannabis for seizures eating .latest version is vegan stew .. and fruits plate ..uummy ..
  4. Vorsia

    Vegan asian stirfry curry over a bed of cauliflower

    This was really tasty I got some curry paste from Trader Joe's .
  5. Vorsia

    Good morning

    make this day good be thankful and kind loving and have a joyous heart .
  6. Vorsia

    I came out as lesbian and i feel so free to be me and deafblind .

    Having a near death experience makes you want to live like everyday is your last . I have myasthenia gravis and epilepsy my life hasn't been easy but what I didn't do was . Make sure I'm happy we don't how long we will be here being DeafBlind and lesbian is so wild when I was younger my first...
  7. Vorsia

    I have been sick guys with i have epilepsy and myasthenia gravis .

    i been in the icu and on a vent not cool I'm feeling better now .. but it's so hard being on a vent and deaf communication and just using hearing aids and being blind too I got very depressed and sad myasthenia makes your body very weak .all I know is I miss y'all my Deaf family love everyone .
  8. Vorsia

    Pecan pie yay

    My first time making pecan pie how does it look ...
  9. Vorsia

    Homemade pizza

    I made homemade pizza first time yummy .. what your favorite topping!
  10. Vorsia

    Pineapple upside down cake homemake

    I may pineapple upside down cake tonight for dessert was awesome here pics
  11. Vorsia

    My walnut coco bread i made the other day

    I made it something I will sell hopefully when I get my bakery I want sell rustic .. foods yummy ..
  12. Vorsia

    Good morning!

    Good morning have great day and enjoy the little things positive vibes and prayers for all !
  13. Vorsia

    What's new how is everyone big smile

    So how is everyone day me I'm home doing bible study it's my sabbath . Later on cooking steak and potatoes and vegetables salad .. and peach cobbler yummy ...
  14. Vorsia

    Meet harpo my guide dog!

    Here is a picture of harpo my guide I been teaching him more sign too.
  15. Vorsia

    Audiologist reprogramming my to my profound hearing loss .

    Hey all miss y'all so many new people I have trying to read lots of post .. my guide harpo is doing great my kids are all almost in high school both boys.and my daughter starts middle school soon . Wow time flies by so fast I'm no longer server profound loss anymore I'm profound hearing loss ...
  16. Vorsia

    Miss Everyone what's been going on

    Hey all miss y'all I been busy with the kids so what's been going on ?
  17. Vorsia

    Deaf friend saids to me date Deaf .

    My deaf friend said date Deaf ,she don't understand my mind I don't care who I date .just they are caring and sweet .I'm a sabbath keeper that is what I want a guy that keep sabbath with me .also like same food and things to do alike .I do understand why she say that I was in vp phone using vco...
  18. Vorsia

    Asl expo in nyc

    Anyone going to bohemian asl expo today in NYC I try to go today later it starts at 12, 5 pm .
  19. Vorsia

    Lexington school for Deaf.

    The other day Friday took my daughter to a historical poetry signing Deaf event sponsored by a VP company anyhow .we loved it even met a Deaf-Blind person like myself .one thing I have noticed my friend always introduced me as HOH not a problem she seem to want to be more Deaf telling me to stop...
  20. Vorsia

    enjoy your day weather getting colder

    Iove this weather its getting cooler enjoy wont last long soon go cold .