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  1. Lmjanes

    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    I did get lots of responses, but none has been answered when I asked those following questions from one of my posts. "What do you think micro-aggression looks like? How can people who commit micro-aggressions be so unaware of their actions? Even if they represent unintentional slights and...
  2. Lmjanes

    Are you death?

    I would like to be a reaper. :)
  3. Lmjanes

    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    Ah I see, my questions have been ignored again. There is no reason for me to beat a dead horse.
  4. Lmjanes

    Which Dog Food?

    I always have fed my dogs raw and bones. They are in good health and great teeth. In my opinion raw and bones is a better choice than any brands out there. It's a personal choice.
  5. Lmjanes

    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    So true.... I'm not upset, but I am bothered by it.
  6. Lmjanes

    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    Is it true that all deaf and hard of hearing people incapable of speaking? What about those who have learned how to speak well? Are they "inability to speak" just because they are "deaf?" Is "Dumb" considered the right word for them?
  7. Lmjanes

    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    Absolutely. Excellent questions. I wish I could answer those question or had the opportunity to ask my professor when I took the class. I think it is possibility that a deaf community could make a negative word like deaf and dumb into something positive. But how do we make it positive? The...
  8. Lmjanes

    Deaf Day in London Glad you had a great time. I'm going to England in two months for a friend's wedding and visiting some old friends. I need to practice on my BSL sign skills, but I have trouble understanding their finger spelling in vowels. I could...
  9. Lmjanes

    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    Yes, it is. This focuses on all kinds of people, not just Asian Americans. The author works with Asian Americans and other populations. This is relevant to the "Deaf" and hard of hearing populations too. Why do we always worry about "Political Correctness"? I work with a Hispanic student...
  10. Lmjanes

    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    I do know what "dumb" means. I don't think anyone realizes that using the term "Deaf and Dumb" encourages mircoaggressions and mircoinsults. Every deaf person we have had met is a "mute"? Can they speak for themselves? What about hard of hearing and deaf people who have learned how to speak and...
  11. Lmjanes

    Born Deaf or has severe/profound only: Who does not wear hearing aids?

    I gave up wearing CI when i was 13 years old. :)
  12. Lmjanes

    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    I was doing a research on "Deaf and Dumb" and found an organization that advertises "Glasgow Society for the Education of Deaf and Dumb." Don't you guys think that is pretty offensive? Glasgow Society for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb
  13. Lmjanes

    So, i need some advice and some people to talk about this situation..

    Oh Wow! I would advise you to tell your dad to speak with a lawyer. I have been told that all buildings are required by law to have flashing fire alarms. It doesn't matter what room you are staying in.
  14. Lmjanes

    anyone know British Sign Language?

    I learned how to sign BSL from friends who I met on Deaf4life. I'm profoundly deaf and sign fluently in ASL. I went to the University of East Anglia as part of study abroad program. I took a BSL class as one of my elective classes. Also I met deaf people who live there. There is cultural...
  15. Lmjanes

    Rock climbing

    Seriously, I love going to the rock and ropes gym doing rock climbing. It's a great sportl
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    Has anyone tried it? What do you think of the fitness program?:ty:
  17. Lmjanes

    Mom Details Dogs Attacking 3 Kids

    that's horrible.
  18. Lmjanes

    anyone here have a hearing dog?

    Yeah I got three "hearing" dogs ;)
  19. Lmjanes

    I have a NEW DOG!!

    How exciting! Enjoy your new pet
  20. Lmjanes

    Who is single here?

    I used to be single for about two years, but I am dating a new guy for three months now.