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  1. pek1

    Service dogs for CI users and deaf people

    Jules, I have a Hearing Dog and love having a second set of ears with me nearly at all times. If I ever received CI's, she stays with me, as she is my dog to begin with and I trained her.
  2. pek1

    Deaf Truck Drivers Is Getting To Be A Reality

    Trucking Social Media Just to let everyone know about a trucking convention this weekend in Tunica, Mississippi, regarding the regulations, especially for drivers who are deaf/hoh. I'm serving as the interpreter and you can click on the link and click on guest speakers and scroll down to...
  3. pek1

    DOJ posts new definition of service animal

    Only two questions they can ask: 1. Is your dog a Service Dog? 2. If so, what does your dog do for you? Those are the only two questions. Sorry for the delay in responses.
  4. pek1

    anyone here have a hearing dog?

    tigersharkdude, I haven't been here for a long while, but if you take a look in the archives under my name, you will find that not only do I advocate Hearing Dogs and own one, but also trained my own. I do NOT recommend going through an agency to obtain a HD, as there is a slew of...
  5. pek1

    Any One from Minnesota??

    Minnesota native here! I moved from Minnesota to Central Texas three months ago yesterday,the 19th. Warmer here. :)
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    Mosque Near Ground Zero May Not Get Built After All

    It shouldn't be built anywhere.
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    What has Obama done so far?

    Now that is a mixed metaphore! A positve way? Can't think of anything other than he urinated on the Constitution and that's not a good thing.
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    DOJ posts new definition of service animal

    KristinaB, You qualify for more than just a Hearing Dog, sister. The ADA supercedes rules and, unfortunately, if MIL doesn't like it, she can get off her fat duff and pick you up when you fall AND pay for the doctor. As for any sort of "certification" of any type of service dog: Many...
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    When GOP returns the favor

  10. pek1


    I don't mind silence at all. When I drive, I prefer it.
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    Sore Ears from new hearing aid moulds.

    Go back to the audiologist who fit them. It's their job to ensure they fit correctly.
  12. pek1

    Odd questions from hearing people

    What about them, souggy?
  13. pek1

    Back in the day!!!!!!!

    deafgal001, Speech can always be improved, no matter how a person sounds. Kill the people with kindness (they wouldn't know the difference). Honey attracks bees, whereas vinegar doesn't.
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    Odd questions from hearing people

    To be equally pragmatic, rockin'robin, a person doesn't have to know about deaf culture when they lose their hearing, nor is it important to. My dad cried the day he received hearing aids, so he knows what I've gone through. I let people be people, but when my rights, as a deaf/hoh person are...
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    Odd questions from hearing people

    So, take them up on it without giving your life history. No all hearies are idiots, just like not all deaf/hoh's are idiots.
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    Odd questions from hearing people

    Yep! Been told that. I just let the comment roll off and ignore it.
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    Back in the day!!!!!!!

  18. pek1

    Old AD members

    I've been gone for awhile, shel. Graduated from MSUM, moved to CA and moved back to MN (no jobs out there), haven't gotten a chance to contact AlleyCat to let her know I'm back in the Twin Cities. I've been unemployed since June 2009 and just received a full-time job offer on Monday and start...
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    Back in the day!!!!!!!

    Bebonang, At the same time, to be equally pragmatic, with my hearing aids on and listening to some deaf people trying to speak, my dog speaks more clearly. That is meant to be a slam and an embarrassment to deaf who think that they can do what they want and to h*** with everyone else. When...
  20. pek1

    HA Help Please

    Some hearing aids have a hole at the top to loop something through it. My new ones don't, but there is a way that only you can figure out how to keep them on. Don't worry about thinking you look stupid because, believe me, no one actually cares or watches you, they're concerned about the same...