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  1. AJ

    Poll For Guys....and Girls

    i have the biggest crush on Amy Lee from the band Evanescence. do u guys think she's pretty?
  2. AJ

    Back Again....for the 139th Time

    Alrighty. yes i know ive left and come back and left and come back and left and come back again and again and again and again....well. well here i am again. haha. i came back to see who is still here and if anyone came back and to see whats been going on. i know ive been gone for a long...
  3. AJ

    Warp Paris Hilton

    click this Warp Paris Hilton - Presented By Hallpass ok have tons of fun fucking up paris hiltons face. here are some of my masterpieces.
  4. AJ

    Ok I dont know which mod did this....

    i dont know who put my personal thread into someone elses thread...but um let me just say its not cool at all. ok? it wasn't meant to be a post, it wasn't meant to alert the people that the croc hunter is dead it was a personal thread that i wanted feed back on. so now im gonna try and post it...
  5. AJ

    Good Book to Read

    if u love to read, and if u dont particularly like to read... u need to get this book. its called House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. its a thriller and suspence book. it will keep u guessing whats gonna happen next. if u have an idea of what will happen next, ull be wrong. towards the end...
  6. AJ

    Check This Out

    i found out about this website, take a look at it. have u seen it before? do u know what its about?
  7. AJ


    Bombs. Bboom Boom Bamn Pop. Outside Theyre Coming To Get Me
  8. AJ

    Got My Hair Cut

    so i had my hair about this long just a bit past my ears. and now i have it like this: and no thats not MY head, i dont have a digital camera or a scanner but, thats exactly what my hair looks like now.
  9. AJ


    i just wanted to say thanks a lot for last night. you know what u did. thank you.
  10. AJ

    i need someone

    i just really need someone to talk to right now if anyone could pm me and ill give them my aim sn. i uh i just really dont want to be alone right now. please someone.
  11. AJ

    Bummed Out

    my friend and i were gonna take a small road trip to the Ron Jon Surf Shop, and i was really really excited about it. so i call him up around 10 this morning to go, and he's like "man im sorry i cant i feel so sick." he's even callin the doctor. so now the road trip is off. and im bummed out...
  12. AJ

    Favorite Hot Sauce Brand

    i love hot sauce. i eat it with almost everything. but im really picky about which kind i eat. ive been eating Crystal hot sauce, but my grocery store doesn't suppy it anymore, so now im eating Frank's Red Hot. i was wondering if u guys like hot sauce, and what brand do u like sorry if this...
  13. AJ

    Is It Weird That....

    Ok so this happened just a couple minutes ago. im sitting here at the dining room table, watching The People's Court, cuz i think the judge is hot, i like when she gets mad and starts yelling in Spanish, its pretty sexy....oh sorry, getting off the subject. Anyway, im sitting here on my...
  14. AJ

    Hey guido

    dude how come u didn't tell me u had a new gf? i mean geeze u put her picture as ur avatar and everything, the least u could do was tell me u had a lady. so when she french kisses u, does it feel like sandpaper?
  15. AJ

    I Stand Alone

    i sit and stare at these walls that are bare, with an empty heart and a broken soul. wounded and worn, ripped and torn with nothing earthbound to fill the gaping hole. i stand alone. suffering in silence with internal violence. living in light but wilting in darkness. i stand...
  16. AJ


    some people told me that some people were looking for me. so, hi.
  17. AJ

    A Letter To God

    i dont know how to start this so i guess ill start by saying; help me. i keep slowly keep falling deeper into a depression. i dont hate my life, actually i think i have a pretty good one, but im so damn home sick i cant stand it anymore. i dont want to kill myself i just want to come...
  18. AJ

    i dont know if u can help...

    i dont know if u guys can help me but, i have a video on my itunes that i dont want on there, and i dont know how to delete it. could u guys help me out?
  19. AJ

    I Feel Like S***

    man. i know you are all tired of the negative stuff in AD, so am i but, ive been like depressed for 2 days. yesterday i felt sad and i figured it was just a bad day. everyone has a bad day. today...same thing. bad day. i feel sad and restless, i just want to sleep. i dont know whats wrong with...
  20. AJ

    I Need Help for a Friend

    i know this girl and she's going through a really hard time in her life. she feels that no one loves her including her family and friends. she wants to kill herself and i dont know how to save her. she said " i could die today and no one would notice" i told her i would notice. she said no i...