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  1. R2D2

    For a moderator please

    Hi, I no longer wish to post in this forum. If I could be de-registered I would very much appreciate it. I wasn't sure which moderator does this sort of thing so I have posted my request here. Thanks a lot :)
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    Bye for now

    Hi all, I've made a decision that I won't post on Alldeaf any more. I'm so busy lately with family and work that I need to rationalise how much time I spend on the net. I am not trying to make a fanfare of it but thought that if I make it public that I will look a fool if I break my...
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    Peer Relationships of Children With Cochlear Implants

    Rockdrummer, Why don't you try Pubmed? I did see some abstracts there that addressed self esteem and peer relationships. You can use them to get hold of the full reports if you have journal subcription access. The only thing is I'm not sure if they are only for people raised orally, as...
  4. R2D2

    ? bout microphone protectors..

    I change mine just when needed. So I'll take it off and have a look at it and if it seems a bit yucky then I will replace it with another one.
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    Put Yourself on the Map!

    Cochlear has roughly 70% of the global market. Most cochlear implant sales in the world are in the US and so I would be surprised if AB had a bigger market share in the US for that reason. Maybe someone else has some stats for the US market alone. Only a tiny proportion of people worldwide...
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    Is it time to upgrade my hearing aids?

    Hi there, Nice to see more UK people on this board! I'm UK born and bred but live in Australia now. I think that before you check out hearing aids, you should get a new hearing test done to see if there has been any change in your hearing level over time. A good audiologist will of...
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    Newbie Intro and ?s about Nucleus Freedom

    Welcome! Interesting to have the perspective of an early implantee, we don't get that many of them here although they are much talked about in terms of the ethics of being implanted before they were too young to give their consent. I have heard that some of the earlier generation of Cochlear...
  8. R2D2

    Ad here on AD by a Law Firm

    You're right Lady - at the time the AB model with the positioner was no longer manufacturered there were only 60,000 total CI users in the world and AB would have had no more than 30% of the US market and probably less in the worldwide market. So nowhere near "millions". I feel for...
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    Obama supporters?

    I'm not American either but it would be cool if Obama got in, not to mention historic, being a black person. There has been a lot of interest in the US elections here in Australia - we never normally show much popular interest at the primary level but the last time was different. I think...
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    I am writing an article about adoption and disability

    I will be sending you a PM :)
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    Ad here on AD by a Law Firm

    That's interesting Shel, I didn't see the ad. It doesn't surprise me. I think in one of the threads where we were discussing the AB and FDA case, there was a post from a first time poster who was obviously a lawyer sniffing around for possible cases. Maybe it's the same guy who has placed the...
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    CI - advice?

    Australian Hearing deal primarily with hearing aids, so if you were going to investigate a CI together with trialling HAs, they would have to refer you on. If I was in your shoes, I would try and locate an audiologist who does both hearing aids and CIs so that you don't waste time seeing two...
  13. R2D2

    Popping, bubbly sounds (post CI)

    I've had popping sounds in my ears after surgery and at other times as well (previous to surgery). It just happens and does not seem to cause any problems. It could be that your ears are reacting to being newly activated and having sound input after a long time of no or minimal input...
  14. R2D2

    CI - advice?

    Hi Shevbeev, I notice you are in Australia. My process was quite similar to Overthepond's. You will likely go through a trial with hearing aids first to see if you can get a satisfactory fit without going the whole hog for a CI. Then speech testing with hearing aids and with lipreading...
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    Cochlear Implants Accepted?

    That's the right thing to do. Do your research about the risks and make your own decisions. I'm not saying do not look at the information provided by people who are not favourable about CIs but their viewpoints have to be taken into account in the context of the particular information provided...
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    Cochlear Implants Accepted?

    Let's put this into perspective. Worldwide, about 100 CI users have died in total, mostly with the older AB CIs with the positioner, which is no longer manufacturered and often not having had vaccinations or kept up with them. Also some of the cases have question marks over them in terms of...
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    FDA sues Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant maker for 2.2 million in fines for manufac

    Interesting observations. I wonder if that is very common with oral deaf groups? I married quite young so I got out of the group scene quite early. Back when I hung out with my oral friends we didn't have cell phones then (they were around but not common) so there was no competition on that...
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    Deafness can't subdue a remarkable life

    That was cool she was able to do it with her friends! :)
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    Difference between Cochlear contour and Freedom implants

    It would be nice to see your poem Irene :) I don't think we have seen any CI related poems here before.
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    FDA sues Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant maker for 2.2 million in fines for manufac

    Yes, pathetic isn't it? I suppose the equivilent in the signing community would be those who think they are better than those from hearing families or oral backgrounds because they are from deaf families that go back many generations? Human nature, LOL!