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  1. green427

    Those of us that have been bullied....

    For those of us that have been in hearing schools with no support system for the deaf, we recall the many students that have made us feel scared, unworthy, and hurt. There is a movie out there (currently on Netflix) called "The Final". It is a brutal horror film, and the nerdy girl did a...
  2. green427

    Q for owners of the Kidde Fyrenetics SL177i Dual Mode Strobe Light

    The test button: when you push it, do you feel a click or short movement of the button? How long do you have to hold the button in before it starts flashing? I got one off the internet, brand new, but about 3 years old, and does not work....checking to see what you have before I contact...
  3. green427

    Siemens Lotus 23SP

    Ordered this new HA via eBay. It is very popular in Asian countries. My wife currently has a Lisound 66P analog aid for profoundly deaf folks. After 4 years of use, it has been extremely reliable, much to our surprise....considering we only paid $200. Now that the 66P is obsolete, there is...
  4. green427

    Compliment or Insult?

    When hearing people forget to get your attention before talking to you (such as talking to you while you are not looking), and you remind them more than once, and they reply with "Oh, I'm sorry, I keep forgetting that you are deaf (hearing impaired or whatever you consider yourself)"...
  5. green427

    Can someone explain to me.....

    Picture this: You have a factory car key with buttons for locking/unlocking/trunk/panic. You have been using the door unlock/lock buttons for awhile. One day you decide to insert the key in the door to unlock it. The alarm goes off. You open up the owner's manual, and it says "If...
  6. green427

    Poll: Moonroof/Sunroof option

    Question mainly for those that have had/currently have a power operated moonroof or sunroof. Is it worth paying the extra $800-$1200 for it when shopping for a new vehicle? What did you vote and why?
  7. green427

    Listening to music..HA/CI users only

    This thread is intended to discuss how we can improve our music enjoyment while using HA's and/or CI's. It is not intended to discuss who has better taste or which band is better, etc, but to share tips on how we can enjoy it better. I will start with....How I was able to listen to drums...
  8. green427

    Citroen reproduction

    Chameau d'acier, The clip ! - YouTube
  9. green427

    "Manumatic" transmissions

    I've owned several cars & trucks since I began driving, some were manuals, others were automatics. On all the automatics I've owned, all had manual "D-3-2-1" shifters, and rarely used them to downshift. I have a '07 Sorento EX 4x4 that has the same 3.8L V6 that is used in the Hyundai Genesis...
  10. green427

    Overheard in a department store....

    Lady; "If you were my husband, I'd put poison in your coffee." Man; "If you were my wife, I'd drink it."
  11. green427

    The most depressing movie....ever...

    The Road: Saw it almost two years ago. The most heart-wrenching, brutal, and thought-provoking movie I have ever seen. Even today, this movie still bothers me. I've seen many horror & sad movies all my life, but this movie stands out above all. Being a parent makes it all...
  12. green427

    Shanghai - 272 Gigapixel picture

    See if you can spot the following: White BMW 3-series parked under the trees Tall, beautiful girl with red high-heels and miniskirt crossing the street Guy standing out on a shaded rooftop porch with no pants on Shanghai 272 Gigapixel Panorama The scary part is that there are...
  13. green427

    Cure for headache

    The doctor said, 'Joe, the good news is I can cure your headaches. The bad news is that it will require castration. You have a very rare condition which causes your testicles to press on your spine, and the pressure creates one hell of a headache. The only way to relieve the pressure is to...
  14. green427

    Derek's latest project

    Imagine twin turbos without actually using the exhaust to spin the turbos?
  15. green427

    British pub visit...

    Was in a pub the other night, and saw two rather large girls sitting at the bar. They both had rather strange accents, so I said "Hi, are you two girls from Scotland?" One of them gave me a dirty look and said "It's Wales, ya bluidy idjit!" So I immediately apologized and said "Are you...
  16. green427

    "Premium Member" title

    I noticed a few members have this title...could not find any info on this, but what does a member do to earn this title?
  17. green427

    Article in the Washington Post..."are farts funny to the deaf?"

    Looks like this was supposed to be a humorous article, but I only found the very last paragraph somewhat amusing. Some of you might find it funny, others will not. I think the reporter should be asking more mature questions about the deaf, not something childish. How about asking us how we...
  18. green427

    Any bicyclists here?

    I will be a co-leader for many upcoming bicycle rides in the SE PA, South Jersey, DE, and Eastern Maryland areas. Trying to get more deaf/HOH/ASL cyclists involved. All rides are from 10 to 100 miles long. Any questions, ask away!!!
  19. green427

    ASL Students: Be honest, your reason???

    Be honest. Why do you want to learn ASL? Because it is a cool fad these days? Or because it is just another "foreign language" option that sounds more fun than Spanish, French, etc? Or you really want to get to know that deaf person you have your eyes on?
  20. green427

    Ultratec Minicom IV TTY

    Sat in my office for the last 10 years. Used maybe 20 times. Very good condition, includes original packaging. Make me an offer and let me know what your zip code is so that I can determine what shipping charges should be. PM me for more info.