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  1. jonnyghost

    Need a windshield

    So I emailed 3 places today. One very local with a basic website and the other two more corporate with web forms. The local place surprisingly email right back with a quote. One of the bigger places called back and left a voice mail to call them to get a quote and the third has called 7 times...
  2. jonnyghost

    ham radio rtty

    I'm going to a gathering tomorrow to learn about sending text over the amature radio waves. I see there is a lot of non voice communication available in amature radio and wondered if there are any hams here.
  3. jonnyghost

    color blind

    Just figured out at 36 year old that I am color vision deficient. I guess I see green poorly. It's funny to think all this time I thought I was seeing what everyone else was. I now know that about 8% of males are color vision deficient so I was wondering if anyone here was.
  4. jonnyghost


    Big ones, little ones, lawn tractors, farm tractors. Who has tractors? Here's one of mine. Gotta get some photos of the others.
  5. jonnyghost

    working memory, deafness and sign

    I was looking up info on working memory trying to understand my APD when i came across this article. I don't think there are any big surprises in it for anyone here but it did get me to wondering if my poor phonological...
  6. jonnyghost

    Any metal workers?

    Over the years I've been turning my garage into a hobby metal fab/machine shop. Rebuilding my jeep motor now and so far I've been able to do all the machine work myself. Would be more fun if it wasn't my primary transport :lol: Anyone else here into metal working of any kind?
  7. jonnyghost

    Thinking of adding a signature

    So I like this forum and enjoy posting here but I have auditory processing disorder and although it is like being hoh it is not. Sometimes I post on subjects where it could be assumed I am deaf or hoh so I usually point out that I am not so I'm not misrepresenting myself. Do you think if i...
  8. jonnyghost

    Tinnitus and Ibuprofen

    I've had a head cold and my tinnitus has been pretty loud. My back hurt the other day so I took some Ibuprofen and a few hours later the ringing in my head got twice as loud. It got me thinking and a quick internet search showed that tinnitus can be a side effect of many pain relievers. I...
  9. jonnyghost

    Studies On Deaf Children May Help Decode Dyslexia

    My auditory processing disorder and dyslexia are probably related or really two parts of the same problem. I was curious if dhh people have similar problems and found this article. Studies on Deaf Children May Help Decode Dyslexia maybe old news but I found it interesting. :hmm: “Cochlear...
  10. jonnyghost

    second colorado recall election

    Http:// Don't know if it was posted before and i somehow missed it. I thought they would wait for the next election but i was wrong.
  11. jonnyghost

    Did 25 miles on the bicycle today

    Never got my bike out of the garage last year and i noticed my gut getting bigger so i've decided to try to ride to work a couple times a week. Not to bad riding in but coming back was a lot more hill! Felt good though.
  12. jonnyghost

    Just tried to call for a rental car

    The woman that answered the phone talked to fast and mumbled. I tried to get her to slow down and speak up but after the fourth time i asked i just said by and hung up. I think the only word i understood was hello. I tried calling back later but it was the same woman. Why when you ask people...
  13. jonnyghost

    learning disability?

    Why do I see Auditory processing disorder often referred to as a learning disability? I don't see it talked about with hard of hearing and I can't find a lot of difference in the effects of HOH vs APD. There are some but this biggest thing in both seems to be problems with auditory information...
  14. jonnyghost

    Auditory processing disorder

    Went to an Audiologist last week and he told me I have exceptional hearing and that my problems are probably with my processing. He told me about some specialists that could diagnose me but they are very far away and expensive. He also told me that our processing skills peak around 35. I've...