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  1. Sarfarigirl2011

    just found an inside look of the hearing aids for those crazy over the OPNs (check out the startup, it may surprise you)
  2. Sarfarigirl2011

    just wanted to warn you all!

    if you have Facebook, please be aware of this guy! (a member from a deaf group got scammed and her account frozen so please make sure you block him on your account and report it!)
  3. Sarfarigirl2011

    just found this tonight.
  4. Sarfarigirl2011


    earmolds made finally :) will have 3rd hearing aid checkup with new audi (mine retired last month so I'm stuck with that guy LOL) *don't hate me, the guy that I saw was wonderful about making me new ones too*
  5. Sarfarigirl2011

    Heads up if you have Facebook, please read this!

    just saw this on my feed so I thought I would reach out to anyone that lives in NJ or anywhere!!!
  6. Sarfarigirl2011

    not so related but... YAY!

    got a job opportunity at a kids' museum! (which means chances through VR comes new hearing aids!) *unless it's for the right side which was from 2014 or both!*
  7. Sarfarigirl2011

    What the freaking what???

    so I got in touch with my audi via Facebook and guess what? she said if I'm working, I may be able to get the OPN plus power through Vocational Rehab. well, my warranty is already over so..... chances I might get it soon either spring/summer or after I have a new job!!! *if not, then I'll...
  8. Sarfarigirl2011


    guess what? wax is out finally. so I got an updated testing, and my hearing loss is stable as is! #stablegenius (next up should be my mom soon so if she drops, she loses and it's GAME OVER. )
  9. Sarfarigirl2011

    OMG this is for you all CI peeps

    Guess what??????? FDA approves the upgrade for all of you that has the Nucleus 22 so whatever you do, go out there and go crazy over the N6!!! <3
  10. Sarfarigirl2011


    guess what? my mother finally has her RIC! (she only has one in her ear for now until she has another one around January/Febuary) *it's kinda of a pinkish purple but will have a purple one for the other side* also it's a 3 series i30 with 312s :D
  11. Sarfarigirl2011

    it's official now.

    my mom now has hearing aids! (hers are the RIC that takes 312s.) we found out today that her hearing loss was moderate sloping to a profound loss (profound high, moderate low,) so now she has the Wi series i110 by Starkey atm til she has it in PINK!!!!!! so far, I don't need a speech in...
  12. Sarfarigirl2011

    well? I got the Nera :D

    thread says it all! I'll have that hearing aid for the right side January 2015 xD
  13. Sarfarigirl2011

    what the freaking lump? LOL

    went to the Audi yesterday to get retubed and guess what? my left purple hearing aid conked out so it doesn't even work anymore :roll: but I'm getting a new hearing aid for my left ear ordered next week!!! *I go back October 8th* also in January, I'll have another for my right completed...
  14. Sarfarigirl2011

    well I'm back in the middle

    earwax is all out! (I was a pain in the rear during my ENT visit LOL) as what the thread says, I got back in the middle!!!!! *my updated one looks pretty bit much like the one I have from the past* so guess what? my audi said I can go for the Nera...
  15. Sarfarigirl2011

    one thing to say......

    I have one ear that is filled with wax. that's everything and I got the VC control back again :D looks like my hearing aid evaluation is moved to next month when my butt is out of school. that's all peeps LOL
  16. Sarfarigirl2011

    well guess what?

    as the title says, I'm gonna see the new audi on May 13th! (funny thing because these are the same people my mom sees) if they do old coots, then let's see how well they can take on someone who's full of wax ROFL!
  17. Sarfarigirl2011

    guess what?

    well you know the guy that owns hearingtracker? I got 3 new batteries from them! to that sender, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! idc if it's made by Rayovac which I'm not too nuts for but I'll see how it works since it has the "X-CELL!"
  18. Sarfarigirl2011

    I just got a letter!!!!

    well I just got a lovely letter from my audi about me LOL - Sarfarigirl2011's Album: my status reporting where the hell I am right now - Sarfarigirl2011's Album: my audiogram - Picture the chart from last month! - Sarfarigirl2011's Album: Test Box O'...
  19. Sarfarigirl2011

    well guess what?

    my new earmolds just came in today! keep in mind that it's clear, sparkles and cat's eye filled :D