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  1. OpheliaSpeaks

    Help me win wheelchair van! <1 minute of time!

    I have a progressive genetic disorder called mitochondrial disease, which is how I lost my hearing. It has made getting around more difficult recently and I am participating in a contest to win a wheelchair accessible vehicle. To enter the contest, I put together a witty, two-minute film...
  2. OpheliaSpeaks

    ASL games for child

    Does anyone have suggestions for a 3-4 year old for teaching ASL? I am looking for more suggestions. She likes to move around and be active, and is difficult to engage in more sedentary activities. Thanks :)
  3. OpheliaSpeaks

    Late deafened and need help!

    Till now I have been living in a small apartment. In a few months, I am moving into a house with several rooms. I need a visual alert system for my VP, for the doorbell, etc. Preferably so I can know when these things are ringing from different rooms. What do recommend? Who installs it? I...
  4. OpheliaSpeaks

    "only have eyes for you"

    Is there a popular slang or idiom in ASL to express "I only have eyes for you"? It's used in English to mean "deeply in love". I feel like I may have learned something along the way, but can't remember. Not often I use that phrase. :lol:...Any ideas?
  5. OpheliaSpeaks

    a necklace i designed is in a contest

    I designed a necklace for a contest. If you feel motivated, you can vote for my design. Voting ends today, and if I am in the top 5, I will get a gift card to Artbeads to buy more beads. You don't have to register or anything. Just click the green "vote now" button. :ty: for your support...
  6. OpheliaSpeaks

    Cell phones for video conferencing/VRS

    My apologies if this has been discussed on a different thread. I have heard that the new iPhone4 and Evo phones allow VRS. Are there any other phones that would be able to handle VRS? If anyone is using VRS on a phone now, how is it working for you? I'd love to have VRS terp services on...
  7. OpheliaSpeaks

    Teleseminar with relay

    Can I use relay (My IP Relay or Sorenson IP) to participate in a teleseminar? I am supposed to participate in a teleseminar tonight about service dogs and access laws. I'd like to be able to understand everything.
  8. OpheliaSpeaks

    Help with VRS please

    Sorenson came over to hook up the video phone for me and discovered that our internet connection is not fast enough for the video phone to work properly. The interpreter is unable to see me clearly to understand what I'm signing. Sorenson said to switch to Verizon to get a faster connection...
  9. OpheliaSpeaks

    Sign for "good enough"

    ... as in "I am not good enough for you." I'm drawing a blank. Suggestions? :ty:
  10. OpheliaSpeaks

    What does T Mobile think of YOU?

    I am cross-posting this from another forum. Do you have T Mobile? If yes, have you had trouble talking to customer service? A deaf friend tried to call customer service using i711 and the rep said "You must use TTY". Anyone try to use the customer support chat if you have a screen reader or...
  11. OpheliaSpeaks

    Embarrassing Moment in ASL

    Here is a video I made of something embarrassing that happened to me - something I said! What do you think? YouTube - ASL - Most Embarrassing Moment
  12. OpheliaSpeaks

    Want to VP?

    Anyone up for a chat via VP? Just kinda hangin on a Friday night. Can't go out...still not feeling well. :-) Drop me a message and I'll send you my #
  13. OpheliaSpeaks

    Sign for "medieval"

    Does anyone have a sign I can use for "medieval"? If I were talking about "in Medieval Times"? How could I say this in ASL? Thanks!
  14. OpheliaSpeaks

    I am getting a service dog!

    I haven't been around AD for awhile because I have been having a lot of heath problems...I'll know early this week what is really going on (we think it is autoimmune). My doctor approved a service dog for me to help with my balance and alerting to changes in my medical condition. I am very...
  15. OpheliaSpeaks

    So proud! New jewelry website!

    Hi everyone! I am so proud of how my website is coming along! Not all of the links work, but many do (and so do the "Add to Cart" buttons!) Let me know how it looks? :ty: Bead Lavada
  16. OpheliaSpeaks

    Terp with a service dog?

    So here's an interesting question for you. Have you ever had an interpreter who had a service dog? I'm making my way through an ITP right now and planning to do some work as a qualified interpreter when I graduate. I am on the waiting list for a service dog that should be ready for me right...
  17. OpheliaSpeaks

    Maintaining boundaries in the Deaf Community with interpreters

    Hey all, I hope this belongs here. I'm having some difficulty functioning between the Deaf and hearing worlds and was wondering if anyone could provide some insight. I am hard of hearing. Due to a neurovascular disorder and some permanent nerve damage, my hearing fluctuates. Some days I...
  18. OpheliaSpeaks

    visually impaired and studying ASL

    Hi all, My best friend is visually impaired and uses a guide dog. She would like to take ASL classes at the local university. She has already studied some ASL through the community college where she used to live. I suggested she request an interpreter to sit in front of her and re-sign...
  19. OpheliaSpeaks

    ASL video

    Here is my video of my interpretation of "Ironic" from my post the other day. Here are the lyrics: "Ironic" An old man turned ninety-eight He won the lottery and died the next day It's a black fly in your Chardonnay It's a death row pardon two minutes too late And isn't it ironic...
  20. OpheliaSpeaks

    "free ride" - ASL?

    Hey all, I am working on interpreting "Ironic" by Alanis Morrisette for my ITP for tomorrow night. My tutor (who is Deaf and ASL fluent) and I were trying to come up with a good interpretation for "It's a free ride when you've already paid" We decided on: "ticket opportunity...