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  1. MDCodeRedFreak

    Mtn Dew Merry Mashup

    Anyone tried it recently? It's cranberry and pomegranate flavored. I love the cranberry flavors of everything now lol.
  2. MDCodeRedFreak

    Ios 10.3 is out.

    iOS 10.3 is out now. If you're on iPhone 5, you're out of luck. It dropped support for iPhone 5 and older. 5s and newer are supported. iOS 10.3 have a new file system included - from the old HFS+ to the new APFS. APFS includes security features similar to Windows' NTFS. You need to first...
  3. MDCodeRedFreak

    Windows 10 creators update - redstone 2

    Yup, that's the next big update after the Anniversary Update. It's version 1703. Final build is unknown as it's in testing right now. Should be released in March or April 2017.
  4. MDCodeRedFreak

    Ios 10.1 is out for supported devices

    Yup - go get it. Lots of bug fixes. Only new feature is the Portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus only. I have the 6S and am waiting on the 7S next year with iOS 11 installed.
  5. MDCodeRedFreak

    Who Loves Those Bud Light "ritas"?

    I do! I have been a huge fan of those Ritas since July 2013! I've tried every single flavor, old and new. Even the recently-released Watermelon flavor. :) Beware, those Ritas are stronger than regular beer ... those can get you tipsy pretty fast!
  6. MDCodeRedFreak

    Windows 10 will be a free upgrade ...

    Windows 10 will be a free upgrade from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 ... only with a catch. You must get the upgrade from the time it gets released later this year *to* the end of the year (Dec 31st, 2015). So, if you have Windows 7 and above *and * want Windows 10, get it before the end of this year...
  7. MDCodeRedFreak

    Dumb and Dumber To (2)

    Who's planning on watching it in theaters this Friday?! I am - I can't wait! I remember first hearing about it as early as September 2011 - yes 3 years ago!
  8. MDCodeRedFreak

    Yup :D

    It's my birthday today. The 3-2. I joined AllDeaf when it was in phpBB format back in January 2003. Almost 12 years have flown by so fast. :shock:
  9. MDCodeRedFreak

    Implant while riding Power Tower at Cedar Point?

    I'm wondering if there's any possible way to ride Power Tower at Cedar Point with the internal (not external with the processor) implant. Please answer ASAP as I'll be going to CP tomorrow (August 3rd).
  10. MDCodeRedFreak

    IE 10 Final for Windows 7

    It's out since Tuesday the 26th. If you have Windows 7 with SP1 and IE 9 installed, now would be the best time to update to IE 10. And, please do NOT derail this thread via trolling about alternatives (other browsers). Thanks.
  11. MDCodeRedFreak

    American Pie 4: American Reunion

    Anyone watched it today? I did. Hella funny!
  12. MDCodeRedFreak

    Windows 8 Beta (Consumer Preview)

    Who here has Windows 8 CP? I have it installed in a VM. It's slow, but it's my fault (not anyone else's) - I set the RAM to 1 GB on the VM. I bet when it's installed directly on the hard drive itself, it'd be as fast as Windows 7. The Start menu from Windows 95 to Windows 7 is now no...
  13. MDCodeRedFreak

    Love or hate Valentine's Day?

    Which? For me, I hate Valentine's Day, period. I'm thinking about smoking cigarettes and getting drunk at some bar.
  14. MDCodeRedFreak

    Office 2010

    Anyone got it? I did - albeit early. Looks nicer than 2007 - every application has that thick Ribbon toolbar now.
  15. MDCodeRedFreak

    An oldie returns!

    :wave: Holla all! Wow - have not been on this username ever since Nov 2003! So what's new?
  16. MDCodeRedFreak

    Daddy Day Care

    I recently saw that movie ...... my rating would be "ehh it's okay for me"
  17. MDCodeRedFreak

    25th Hour ??

    I heard on TV that the movie 25th Hour would be coming soon. Looks like a cool one; do a search on Yahoo
  18. MDCodeRedFreak

    Pogo and Yahoo Games

    Do you like them? For me, yeah I do like them, I even played a few of them last year..... (somehow I lost interest in them since they do sometimes make your computer slower..... maybe when I get a better one, I'd start playing again) hell I even know a backdoor to get in the full gamerooms ;)
  19. MDCodeRedFreak

    Anyone been to ....

    Amusement parks ???? like DisneyWorld, DisneyLand, Cedar Point, Kings Island, Six Flags, etc etc etc ?? i've been to all the rides in all of the amusement parks !!
  20. MDCodeRedFreak

    Bruce Almighty

    LOL - i recently saw that movie tonite ..... funny !!! especially when Bruce made funny faces to make that TV spokesman make his funny faces too :laugh2: