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    Deaf Compliment?

    I was wondering about that. What about brand new deaf signers? Fluent CODA's? I imagine a CODA who's been around deafies for life would be mistaken for Deaf much quicker than the oral deaf/late-deafened mom who just started ASL 101 last week.
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    Deaf Compliment?

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    It's on the tip of my finger! Sign language, deaf culture and the brain

    That was one of the coolest articles I've ever read.
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    Deaf Compliment?

    Lol. I'm sorry. I don't even want to know what my facial expressions look like. :laugh2:
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    Deaf Compliment?

    I imagine a lot of late-deafened or deaf people that learn ASL as an adult look "hearing." Is it really that easy to tell if someone is Deaf or hearing from their signing?
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    interpreters for mediation

    How about splitting the cost?
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    Ask a hearing person named HearYe a question.

    What about if the deaf driver is in the car with other passengers trying to keep up on conversation by watching signs or speech reading? I'd say focused drivers are the safest drivers. It's not about deaf or hearing, it's about focused or distracted. A deaf driver who's signing with their...
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    "Hearing Impaired" = offensive?

    I think this is a bit different from just being like "oh he's deaf" cause she was explaining how to communicate with you.
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    Can You Believe This?

    What was the cop thinking? Facebooking makes you immune to getting in a car accident? :roll:
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    "Hearing Impaired" = offensive?

    Tell this to all the people that seem to equate the two.
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    "Hearing Impaired" = offensive?

    There's just as much controversy over terminology in the blind community. Some people take issue with the term "visually impaired" for a lot of parallel reasons, like thinking it indicates they have more vision than they do (or any at all if they're total). On the flip side, NFB members who...
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    Choosing Not To Speak

    I can totally understand where you're coming from and think it's up to you whether to speak or not. Of course I'd suggest being reasonable too, like using your voice in an emergency or in a time-sensitive situation where signing/writing would take too long.
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    Table manners....eating in or out....

    Man, those two knife and cake stories were gross. :iobarf:
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    Best answering machine

    Can we get a transcript? :ty::ty:
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    Marlee Matlin, "I'll Scream Later"

    What's her/your sign name?
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    Jobs that are out of bounds for the HoH

    Interesting, thanks for posting. Wonder why it's still not allowed here.
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    Name Just ONE Thing...

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    Jobs that are out of bounds for the HoH

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    "Hearing Impaired" = offensive?

    That makes a lot more sense. Other deaf people get that deafness comes in degrees. Hearing people don't always get that.
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    "Hearing Impaired" = offensive?

    People don't get confused when you say you're deaf but then you can hear some things?