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  1. hoichi

    The 1977 Oj Boycott That Changed America

    this is a fantastic read, and its very important for Deaf to take a close look at and take from it certain ideas that also will help us. im posting this in this area for more a general discussion and more readership rather then post it in the lgqta section.. one fundamental important idea...
  2. hoichi

    Deaf Cultural Day, Kansas City, Nelson Atkins Museum Of Art

    Deaf Cultural Day sept 10 allot of stuff going on so cool cool.
  3. hoichi

    Moon Express Approved For Private Lunar Landing In 2017, A Space First

    wicked!!! For the first time ever, a private company has permission to land on the moon. The U.S. government has officially approved the planned 2017 robotic lunar landing of Florida-based Moon Express, which aims to...
  4. hoichi


    From Deafie across the pond.. Documentary: Three Deaf people tell us about the day they found the Deaf world, sign language and a new identity
  5. hoichi

    Blue Ribbon Ceremony Video (1999)

    remember who fell before you, so now we may stand, so tomorrow our children will remain. every Deaf needs to know their history.. "It is a good time to remind ourselves why Deaf people are here on Earth in the first place. The 13-minute video memorializes Deaf people who have suffered yet...
  6. hoichi

    Man Who Stood Up To Munich Shooter Now Facing Prosecution For 'insulting Killer'

    z germans never cease to amaze, rather like the frenchies, in a way.. so here's a guy who just happens to witness the killings in munich, and the guy who said some bad words to the killer during the massacre..which z german police feel hurt the killers feelings z germans investigate and...
  7. hoichi

    Nih Plans To Lift Ban On Research Funds For Part-human, Part-animal Embryos

    good ideas die hard they sign... why? would you want do mix a human and an animal int he same embryo? (rhetorical question no need to answer, we know why)...
  8. hoichi

    Lansing Illinois

    any Deafies in or around lansing illinois?
  9. hoichi

    With Sign Language I Am Equal Iwd 2016

    international week of the Deaf is coming up..16-25 september this years theme is WITH SIGN LANGUAGE I AM EQUAL so i put this together, some ideals WE can all do, for that week, to spread awareness, and become more visible, after all we are the people of the eye. be visible, this is our world...
  10. hoichi

    Dramatization (as In Not Happening Yet) - Bbc Live News, Nuclear Attack Against The Uk

    Timely.. Dramatization - BBC Live News, Nuclear Attack Against The UK (34:47) A simulation of live BBC coverage of an escalating Turkey/Syria/Russia/NATO conflict. Ripped from the pages of today's headlines, this is a fast paced and chilling depiction of events rapidly spiraling out of control...
  11. hoichi

    A Vid Regarding Deaf In The Machine..enjoy

    i got a kick out of this ... even an inside joke in there... ok the vid is a conversation between a terp and a professor regarding the Deafie student..
  12. hoichi

    Nyc Heist Nets Over Million In Cold Cash And Hard Rocks!!

    ata boys!!!!! Feds: NYC bank burglars stole $5 million in cash, diamonds For links see article source..... Posted for fair use..... Feds: NYC bank burglars stole $5 million in cash, diamonds By LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press 4 hrs ago...
  13. hoichi

    Catholic Church Attacked In France, Priest, Killed While Offering Mass.

    very little of this is over the mainstream press, for obvious reasons. a very quick blurb was on cbc, but soon dropped for more important things in life, like the color of truedeus tie, and such..cnn was too too busy fawning over the grand speeches last night to worry to much about this...with...
  14. hoichi

    Mass Murder Stabbing Against Handicapped In Nippon Leaves 15 Dead, 45 Injured..

    that is correct. a man targeted a handicap facility and went on a rampage slicing and dicing victims up with a knife....... that's allot of people to chop up with a their sleep... brutal..
  15. hoichi

    Austin Police Body Slam Black Teacher, Stating Blacks Have Violent Tendencies"

    well at least they didnt kill her.. its a start
  16. hoichi

    Munich Germany Shootings Multiple Fatalities Multiple Shooters

    multiple locations. body count is 20 at this time Shooting at shopping mall in Munich, multiple casualties reported Multiple casualties are reported in a shooting at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany. Police confirmed that shots have been fired in the mall but gave no information...
  17. hoichi

    Germany Starting To Crack..

    these are some photos hushed and scrubbed from main stream press about whats occurring in z germany...regarding the resistance to mass emigration, the far right is rising as the nation is ever more polarized... these are from dresden..
  18. hoichi

    Vote For The Deafie Runner!!

    she has my vote!! VOTE!
  19. hoichi

    China Unveils Epic 1,320-ton God Of War Statue

    wow.... check this out... wild..
  20. hoichi

    Coup In Turkey

    damn turkish military has declare dit has take over the country. both bridges in intanbul seized. jets flying low over ankora and a bunch of cops just got whacked at special police hq l most all social media form turkey is dark heres twitter in turkish...