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    Reba, I just remembered something.

    Looks like a yummy cake! Happy Birthday to and Grayma both!
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    How does the Naida audio shoe work? CONFUSED!

    What do you use the FM program for? Is there a particular mic or other set-up you like?
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    Two HoH/Deaf people having children

    These days, the highest rate of Down Syndrome births is in mothers aged 30 - 35. Why? Because amniocentesis testing is now almost routine for mothers over 35, and those mothers will nearly always abort a fetus with Down's. Younger women who are not tested are now more likely than the older...
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    my CI update, 4 years later

    Thanks for posting that very honest experience. I just finished reading Rebuilt by Michael Chorost. One thing that fascinated me was how easily his headpieces would fall off. The magnets are strong but apparently don't hold on too tightly, to avoid possibly damaging the skin. Is that your...
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    Two HoH/Deaf people having children

    True, but quite often with a lot of fertility assistance. It would be a serious mistake to think it's all that easy naturally at that age. Not impossible, of course, but realistically, not something you could count on without being prepared for intervention methods.
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    DOJ sues AT&T for IP-Relay billing.

    "Disturbing" is being way too kind.
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    Two HoH/Deaf people having children

    Good article on fertility math. Biologically, probably the best decade to have babies is from about age 25 to 35. But for young women today, getting advanced education, and then maybe being saddled with huge student loan debts while trying to get started in their careers, the whole marriage...
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    Etiquette Question about Hearing Aids

    Generally no. I can hear it when I first put them in, in the morning, as I twist them into place. But later in the day if one mold works a bit loose and has a very faint whistle or feedback, that I can't hear. Or sometimes I hear it vaguely, but don't realize it's me making that noise.
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    Etiquette Question about Hearing Aids

    I would rather be told than not. Of course it's nice if the person can be somewhat discreet about it. If my aid is whistling when my husband and I are out with friends, he knows to get my attention and make a little motion by his ear to clue me in.
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    Two HoH/Deaf people having children

    Ha! My sister was sort of like that, although she was 28 and had been married for a couple years. The first month she didn't use the diaphragm, bam! Preggers. She said "I didn't think it would happen that fast! " I said "Honey, it's not cumulative, you know." Her second one, a few years...
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    Two HoH/Deaf people having children

    My mom had all four of us kids when she was in her 30s, but realistically, if you want more than one child, early 30s is when you need to start. It seems like among so many women, we spend our 20s desperately trying to avoid pregnancies, and our 30s trying to go for it!
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    Article in the Washington Post..."are farts funny to the deaf?"

    It's Gene Weingarten. He is a humor writer. He sometimes writes longer feature articles, and has won the Pulitzer award at least once. Google for his articles about The Fiddler in the Subway and for his 2009 very serious article about the tragedy of parents forgetting their infants in the...
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    Is the quiet life really better? Dislike my hearing aid

    If you have only had it a week, tell your audi what problems you are having, see if some.adjustments can be made, and definitely give it more time. A week is nothing compared to all the years you have not had hearing.
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    KristinaB's Garage Conversion

    Good news! What happened with the septic issue?
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    KristinaB's Garage Conversion

    Oh brother. That just can't be right. You are not adding a new bathroom or anything else that uses water, so how could you need a larger septic system? When we built our house the septic requirements were based on a combinationof how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms we had. They figured...
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    A walking cluster fark

    Oh brother. Why do these guys just want to encourage class antagonism in politics? Does he think Kerry, the Kennedys, and he himself are "representative" of the middle class in some way? I realize I live in a strange bubble here near D.C., but of my friends and relatives and neighbors, very...
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    For Late-deafened

    In the meantime, though, welcome to Alldeaf, and congrats on learning sign languge for your daughter's sake. How is she doing with it?
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    Raiders player sues breeder over deaf dog

    This story is four years old. Thomas has been done with football since Sept. of 2009, after going to the Redskins from Oakland. The instructive part of this story: don't buy your dogs from an "amateur" dog breder, and always insist on a health guarantee. Huge red flag that the breeder had a...
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    Swimming at hotel....

    It really depends on the hotel. Some will let you use the services after you have checked out of your room, some allow a late checkout ( maybe extended by an hour or so), some might charge a day's service fee or something. Never hurts to ask.
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    Is daylight savings time 'useless'?

    I like it, and wish we could be on DST all year round. But then you would have kids going to school in the dark in winter. It makes more of a difference the further north you go. In Michigan, it doesn't get dark until 10 p.m. or even later during the longest days. I used to like those long...