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    SWTOR anyone?

    Hello, I'm playing on Star Wars: The Old Republic game on PC, wondering if there's other deaf players currently, I'm currently looking for guild that have deaf players, so not to worry about hearings that's unfriendly with deafs
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    in alldeaf photo resizing editor?

    just a thought, maybe make link to an editor to make the photos to fit right(pixel size or kb size) for in profile, so that it will work in alldeaf
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    upload pix in profile?

    how do I make it to the required size to make it fit, 150 x 150 pixels, or 97 kb, so what can I do to make it work, is there some program to do it?:dunno2::dunno2::dunno2:
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    Hello all reintro

    Hello all thought I remind you guys that I haven't been here in a while so.......HELLO!!! :wave: anyone missed me??? I am sure there's someone out there that miss me a lot!! :wave:
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    out of state job?

    Hello all, just a thought, how do yoiu find a job before you move to that city out of state? anyone have opinion? or do you just have to move first then find job? Will :ily:
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    romance ideas?

    what's your idea of an romance? I am curious...just to make a woman like a guy better
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    need cell phone

    Hello all...since I am hoh could anyone point me to sites where I can get a cell phone plan w/ limited minutes and lots of text messagings for maybe 29.99 instead of 39.99? Cuz I use voice phone usually w/ few people but do use lots of messaging w/ lot of friends or if you have suggestion...
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    Yay I just posted my 100th post!!! let's celebrate! :D:D:D
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    here's my pix for your viewing pleasures :D

    Hello all again, finally uploaded my pix for avator for your viewing pleasures...let me know what you gals think? :D now I am gonna learn how I can put it in sig or in thread
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    convert .art to gif?

    How do I convert my pix for the avator from .art to .gif? Cuz it came off my webcam program, thanks for anyone that reply! :)
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    Who's HOH here and dont sign often?

    I am hoh and dont sign often cuz grew up w/ hearing people mostly but do like to chat w/ deafs and hohs but dont seems to be enough going around lately. I am curious if there's other like me here in AD:dunno:
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    Ask me!!

    Hello all, since Ive seen other telling other to ask about that person, so why not I? I've been posting and replying ask me about anything!!! :D
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    how to dispel rumors about relationship?

    just wondering how do you in your opinion, dispel false rumors that many people think is true? cuz happened to me recently and tried to tell them but not quite get thru to their heads, before it gets out of hand? anyone?
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    might be a stupid question....what does 258 mean?? I heard of it but dont know the meaning?? I dont hang around deafies and HOhs very often, grew up w/ hearing people mainly
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    Hello all

    hello all I am kinda new here, I'm 38/male/single, and I am hard of hearing, I can use my voice as well as sign, love chatting, bowling, playing w/ or p/m me if you like! :D