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  1. Foxrac

    Toys R Us to close all 800 of its U.S. stores RIP Toys R US Feel free to share about your childhood memories. I do remember that they used ticket paper for video game, so you take to cashier and paid with money...
  2. Foxrac

    How is Star Wars The Last Jedi?

    Have you watched The Last Jedi? Do you like this movie? Feel free to explain if you want. I do like this movie and nice CGI work. Their storyline is interesting so can't spoil on y'all.
  3. Foxrac

    Praying for las vegas

    We are saddened about shooting massacre in Las Vegas and if you have any update that related to Las Vegas, so feel free to post here. No gun debate allowed so if you want to debate so please take it to other thread, thanks.
  4. Foxrac

    Chester bennington’s death Oh no, I was big fan of Linkin Park. :(
  5. Foxrac

    Sen. john mccain has brain cancer It is OK to discuss about McCain's health issue, but remember, political discussion is not allowed in this forum. Thanks
  6. Foxrac

    My surgery (possibly graphic)

    I can't post in CI/HA section because I didn't get CI replacement, so it was complete explantation, including electrode array from cochlea. 3 days after surgery 18 days after surgery The permanent scar from CI surgery in 1996. In 1996 - there were 2 incisions - on scalp and behind the...
  7. Foxrac

    Question for ci users or former ci users who had surgery

    Hi, I have a lot of drainage come out from bottom of incision and I had to replace the band aid frequently, so I don't know about when will be last but some people told me - it may take few days to week. The drainage is serous fluid with clear watery with light orange and pink, also my ENT nurse...
  8. Foxrac

    Unable to sleep after ear surgery

    Hi, do anyone have experience about unable to sleep or insomnia after CI surgery, CI removal surgery and other ear surgeries? I can't sleep at all and the bandage is too tight and I had discomfort and nightmares. :(
  9. Foxrac

    What next store to be closed nationwide?

    The title say... It will be Kmart and Sears likely to close nationwide with few years, so what about others?
  10. Foxrac

    Question about general anaesthesia

    Hello, I will have surgery on May 22 to remove CI permanently due to headache and pressure pain that I have for many years. The general anaesthesia for CI surgery and reversal surgery should be similar unless patients want CI replacement. I'm not sure if Ketamine or Propofol are blamed for...
  11. Foxrac

    I successfully stopped gabapentin via cold turkey

    It was worst drug withdrawal ever in my life, even worse than Benzo withdrawal. I got severe nausea, stomach pain, sweating, back pain, headache, feel sicker, depressed, can't sleep and irritability. Finally, I did it so I got great sleep back. I have no benefit with Gabapentin and it didn't...
  12. Foxrac

    Old drug gets an absurd price hike to $89,000 per year Whoa... insurance premium is going up and up because of that. Same with EpiPen too.
  13. Foxrac

    There is shooting in quebec city

    It is over on news... The religious discussion isn't allowed in AD forum so I'm unable to post a link. There is reference for you - go to any news outlet to find out. *sorry* I feel bad for victims. :(
  14. Foxrac

    2-year-old believed missing after devastating tornadoes in south Oh no, that's horrible. :(
  15. Foxrac

    Louisiana cop shot, killed after stopping to offer aid That's horrible. :(
  16. Foxrac

    Poll: is it important to post the temperature in f and c?

    Just curious, I usually post in F or C, that's my choice but I'm from US and it will be F obviously. F is used in US and few countries since most countries use C. This poll is private.
  17. Foxrac

    Upcoming games

    What games are you going to buy? I'm plan to get Kingdom Hearts 2.8 this month, also 1.5 + 2.5 Remix in March 2016 for PS4. Probably Red Dead Redemption 2 if it isn't come on PC.
  18. Foxrac

    Silverroxy, come on, you are in trouble.

    but... oh... you aren't in trouble. Happy Birthday to you!!!
  19. Foxrac

    Nintendo switch

    What y'all think about Nintendo Switch? I'm grateful that Switch isn't 3DS replacement, so 3DS replacement is going be 1-2 years away.
  20. Foxrac

    What kind of lip balm are you using?

    I'm currently use ChapStick with very little scent. Carmex is too strong and smell bad so I use it for severe only. Winter sucks for my lips.