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    iPhone help?

    Hello, I apologize if it has been talked to death about... My fiance is considering of getting iPhone. I have SK2 (5 years old, and still works perfectly), and I will upgrade to his SK if he decides to get the iPhone. However, we're curious if there a plan that is ONLY data. Obviously...
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    Dog chewed controller.

    UGH...stupid me. I left my CI on the table, my new puppy does not normally get up there, but today she go up there and grabbed my CI. It's NOT badly damaged at all. The coil/battery is fine. The control has some bite marks. It still works. Luckily, it's just the controller, but still. I...
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    Name this breed! My new Puppy!

    Hello everyone, I posted here a month ago about Blackjack. After a couple days, my fiance asked if we could get a dog. We want to adopt more cats, but none of the shelters would allow us to adopt until 6 months has passed after Blackjack's passing due to FIP (which I think is BS, but we need to...
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    Cochlear Celebration 2009

    Is anyone going to the Cochlear Celebration in California? Let me know...I'm interested in going, but need to "bunk" with someone... Thanks!
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    The Cavern

    I have to bitch and complain... I saw this movie yesterday, and at first I was like, "Eh, what a boring movie..." until they showed the last minute of the movie. I was SO grossed out, and I can't get the image out of my head. I literally wanted to kill the guy that wrote this movie. All I...
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    Fip -

    Yesterday I had to put my kitten, Blackjack to sleep from a month-long battle with FIP. It just so f***ing sucks. :-( Since you guys are animal lovers, you would understand the heartbreak I went through to make the decision to ease his suffering. I miss him. He is less than a year...
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    Xbox 360 Profile Locking

    Hello! I just got my Xbox 360 a couple months ago, so I'm learning the ins and out of using Xbox 360. A friend asked me if there's any way to lock a profile. So no one can get on the profile, offline and online, without a passcode. I have tried a Pass code, but it only works for...
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    Freedom Battery Compartment

    I've been using rechargeable batteries for the Freedom for about 3 months. I decided to at least use the batteries because I have 4, so what's the point of not using them? Anyways, within a couple weeks, two of four battery compartments have hairline cracks. That pisses me off because I...
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    Video Games

    Yo!! What happened to the Video Game forum!?
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    Just wanted to rant. Treating ringworm in cats is a big pain in the butt. I recently got a new kitten from a shelter. He was very thin and sick. He got better, then developed Ringworm. I had to isolate him from my other two cats while treating him with special shampoo and fungal cream. He...
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    Music Concert

    Finally starting up a post. :-) I am going to Reba McEntire concert next month (and I have interpreters! How cool is that?!). So, I know when I wore my hearing aids, concerts are difficult to listen to due to the HIGH bass and instruments overpowering the voices. I am...
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    Put Yourself on the Map!

    I found this through Nucleus forums... Put yourself on the map! Hopefully there will be more people from Nevada on there! As well as Australia. Zoom all the way to close, and you can see your home! Also - Cochlear had their 120,000th patient implanted with Cochlear site. I'm...
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    Xbox 360 Storage

    Hello I'm getting Xbox 360 for my birthday in a couple weeks. However, I'm curious WHICH system I should get? I know I don't want the Arcade one - unless if you think otherwise. I also don't want the Elite. So, I'm torn between the 20 gb or the 60 gb. How much storage does...
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    the Post - CI Moments is not up... Regardless... I heard crickets for the first time on Friday. It only took 4 months...LOL! (well, where we live it's very difficult to hear I had to hang out at Mom's), and it's been cold until now. It sounded so soothing. :-)...
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    Audiologist in Vegas

    Hello Everyone! Guess who's moving to Las Vegas?! MEeeeeee! :applause: Here's my little issue... I will be activated in my right ear next week, :applause:, again. I probably can fit in one more map before my big move...from good old New Jersey. I absolutely adore my...
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    Bilateral Audio Jack

    Since I got two implants, the one thing that I'm curious about is the audio jacks. I now have two, and I can't put two of them together. If you have Freedom processors, you'll know what I'm talking about...I assume that it's pretty much the same thing for AB users. I DO have dual...
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    Fully Implanted Cyborg

    Well, I know I haven't been on for quite a while...I just get a bit tired and weary about CIs issues. Anyways, for those who cares, I got my right ear implanted yesterday. Like DeafMama, I recovered very quickly, and no pain at all, except on the little spot on the back of...
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    Art Institute of Las Vegas

    Does anyone go there or have been there? How was the interpreting services? I know they hire freelancers, but just wanted to know the quality. I had great interpreters at my current college, and would hate to break that routine of having wonderful interpreters. How do you like the school...
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    Songs to Listen

    Hello everyone! I wanted to make a thread of songs that either you want to hear, songs that you've practiced on with your CI, or songs that you were surprised about when you had CI (for example: a friend didn't realized there was a harmonica solo on "You don't Know How It Feels" by Tom Petty...
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    My Mapping today

    Hello Everyone! I had my first "real" map today. Feel free to look at my blog, added my audiogram. I'm particularly fond of the "It's All in the Numbers" post that's below it. I don't think anyone have tried that before! It was interesting because I heard everything above the 20 db...