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    How to use TTY in Ontario

    As a TTY user here in Toronto Ontario just over 20 years. I am a Bell Canada user. There is no charge for using VCO/TTY. There is a charge for having Call Answer service. Any message left is answered by 711 when I contact them.. At the present time-I call 877 235 5777 give my phone number and...
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    Hearing Loss Scared!

    As for wondering that some members have found a Cochlear Implant "working" for them? In my case, worked right away. August 2007. I had Advanced Bionics=Harmony-then. I now have the Naiada 90. No regrets for the decision taken to be "tested for the use of an Implant" . I became bilateral...
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    Controversial Ex-mayor Of Toronto, Rob Ford Dies At 46

    As a resident of Toronto=63 years-sorry to read of his death from cancer this morning. A surprise. RIP
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    Hello AD

    Hi Travis: glad to read the improvements in your health. Cheers for now
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    Hello AD

    Hi Travis: glad to read improvements in your health. Cheers for now
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    Where is everyone from?

    I was born and lived in Windsor, Ontario. I moved to Toronto Ontario in 1962.
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    Ambrosia: Hope you enjoyed your birthday and you can celebrate many more . Cheers
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    Why does the deaf community seem so closed?

    Sorry for the wrong word-should be "tactical " reclassification,. No change in my health except getting "older"
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    Why does the deaf community seem so closed?

    A diversion triggered by black cats to shift attention. a well known "tatic" here in What next?
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    I understand the odds are almost-300,000.000 to 1 to win. I also understand the federal tax department get almost 30% before any allocation. States have various percentage of taxes on earning. Pointed out in the local paper.-Toronto Star page3 from New York Times-Daniel Victor. Seems the...
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    My dad died at 63 years old

    Hi Sara It is very difficult to absorb the shock of your father dying unexpectedly at 63 just after Christmas. It is very trying to remember all the "good times" you experienced. Thoughts and prayers for you in your immediate circumstances.
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    I apologize

    Hard to comment on previously removed thread. Never dull to say the least.
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    The Cochlear Implant Isn't Always What You Think It Is

    The listed study deals with children born deaf. Their parents- expectations teachers reality in lower school. Not exactly the situation of adults becoming deaf.
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    The real reason pot is illegal in USA

    Isn't the "rationale" re ingesting "pot" is the supposed "medical value" to "assist decreasing massive pain"? Valid? As I recall the label "chemical crutch" for "pot user". Still today? aside: I am not a "pot user" and have no intention of starting.
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    The Cochlear Implant Isn't Always What You Think It Is

    One would imagine that person's Audi would correct any misconception re: Cochlear Implants prior to implanation. That is my experience way back in 2007 when implanted.
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    Pros and Cons of Being Deaf and HOH

    To the best of my knowledge becoming "hard of hearing/Deaf/deaf/DEAF" is not a personal choice but a condition that "evolves/occurs". How one deals with the condition is a personal choice-Hearing aids/Cochlear Implant-if suitable/ASL et al. Excluding babies born deaf where their parents...
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    Before and after Activation

    As I understand what was mentioned re: any residual hearing would be" eliminated" in the operation. This was discussed prior to the operation. One can't go back to whatever one had. That to me was there is no going back. As for your ear being plugged-check with the surgeon forthwith...
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    Dear Media: Stop Describing the Deaf as 'Mute'

    Something new? sign language now "verbal"? Is this correct for those who utilize "voice off"
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    In Memory of Ncff07 aka Scott

    Scott-enjoy peace RIP!
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    Happy Birthday SecretBlend.

    Enjoy your birthday for many years to come. Cheers