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    I have a question about dreams. My young son is deaf and I now try to see almost everything from the deaf perspective just so I can try to understand him. I was at a workshop where the speaker was discussing questioning techniques for students and he went off on a tangent and began telling us...
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    Deaf Child Area

    I have a question. My son, almost 4, is profoundly deaf. My mother, without my consent, looked into having 2 Deaf Child Area signs posted on the street right near our house. I have mixed feelings about this. I am working very hard on street safety with him, but, if he does run into the...
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    3 year old with cochears

    I have a profoundly deaf 3 year old son with cochlear implants. He was activiated about 4 months ago. Getting him to wear his cochlears has always been a challenge, but, once they are on, he seldom takes them off. The last 2 weeks have been beyond challenging. We can't get him to wear them...