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    Best ASL books?

    I found out I was hard of hearing almost 4 years ago and have worn hearing aids ever since. I have sporadically been learning ASL over the years b/c 1) I work with special needs students who use and 2) I may eventually lose all of my hearing and need to communicate Anyways, so when I found...
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    HOH story

    So I'm HOH and wear hearing aids most of the time (except when I'm sleeping or home alone) So I went tailgating with a bunch of my friends last weekend and we all eventually separated and had our own adventures the rest of the night...around 430-500am, I finally get home and crash...I wake...
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    Hi, I'm new

    Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I lost some of my hearing due to an illness as a child and it has gotten increasingly worse throughout my since and now have hearing aids. I have always been interested in ASL and use a lot of it in my classroom with my...