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    Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies/Teachers with Accents

    Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English
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    LGBTQ rights

    I was reading another thread and decided to make a new topic... What's your stance on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights? (I didn't make a poll cause the poll method has failed in past threads and I didn't feel like trying to box people's opinions.) :thumb:
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    Ordering from McD's

    As I was about to go to bed, the second I opened the bedroom door, my first step went squish into a pile of dog shit. Turns out my dog went on our floor because he just couldn't hold it anymore. So after cleaning and mopping the whole area, my wife and I decided to take him for a walk to make...
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    Navigating AD on a Braille Display

    Hi everyone, dreama has been trying to figure out how to navigate AllDeaf with braille only and I am hoping to get a braille display sometime in the future. I was wondering if anyone who uses a braille display (whether braille only or in conjunction with speech/print magnification) could give...
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    Message from dreama

    hi everyone. i've not been able to post on all deaf for quite a while now. i really miss you all. ii am using braillee only right now not braille and zoomtext as i did before. as zoom is no longer accessable for me. i'm sure there is a way for braille readers to access all deaf but...
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    Can you tell when someone's behind you?

    Just a question to everyone... Can you tell when someone's standing behind you? I've noticed some people just have a sort of 6th sense, whether Deaf/HOH, hearing, blind, sighted... If you're Deaf/HOH, blind, or whatever else, does this 6th sense come in handy?
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    Meeting a Deafblind person in real life

    Have you ever met a Deafblind person in real life, and if you have, how many? I met another deafblind person in person today and was wondering if I'm right to think it's very unlikely. I live in small town and there are no schools for the deaf or blind anywhere near here. I didn't meet him...
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    Relay call vent

    I've spent the whole afternoon trying to call my rheumatologist to get a prescription refill and they keep hanging up on me. I've done everything from requesting "do not announce relay" to giving information ahead of time and asking the operator to give it as needed and yet they still keep...
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    Conventional medicine vs. alternative medicine

    What's your stance? Do you think conventional medicine works best or alternative? Both at the same time? Neither? :thumb:
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    Deaf/hearing rant

    I have one person in my life I can sign with about one hour a week. Today my wife said she felt left out of the conversation because I didn't fill her in until after. I told her she does the exact same thing all the time to me. Every time we go to the grocery store, go out in public, go in any...
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    CJB the Spiritual Leader

    Today I spent the day at a festival promoting awareness of various health issues, ranging from blood pleasure to domestic violence. I was representing the Red Cross. Since we hardly had any people come by our stand, I went to go enjoy the music. I spent a good few hours dancing to the music...
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    Family Over (Vent)

    We're having family here for a week. They came last night. So far, they've been excluding me from conversation and not bothering to fill me in. I figured, eh, nothing I'm not used to. So I offered to bring my laptop and have them type to me. Of course they didn't bother to do that either. This...
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    Family events

    I've only been HH for a few months so I've only had company over a few times. While I am blind, I'm sure this applies to people that don't have immaculate lipreading skills or that can lipread one-on-one but not in a whole room of people. What do you do when you absolutely cannot follow the...
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    Getting past captchas

    I know captchas are designed to block out bots from spamming sites and blogs...but they bar out blind and deafblind people along with the bots. Needless to say, it really pisses me off! :mad2: What do you do when you have a captcha you can't get past and there are no sighted or hearing people...
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    "Selective hearing"

    Here's a question. I was having a conversation with someone today, or rather, trying to have a conversation. He accused me of "selective hearing." Does anyone else ever get this accusation? Deaf, HOH, HA or no HA, CI or no CI. And if you do, how do you respond? I never know how to respond...
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    Question about SSI

    I have a question about SSI. How many of you have successfully applied for and received SSI? Did you have to apply more than once? Do you also have social security benefits? :ty:
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    A question about deafblindness

    I'm visually impaired and hard of hearing and was wondering if that is considered deafblindness. I know total blindness and being hard of hearing is considered deafblind, and profound deafness and a visual impairment is considered deafblind. But what about being legally blind and hard of...
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    Tactile signing

    Is it harder to learn signing by touch or is it the same as if you learn it visually first? I am visually impaired and recently hard of hearing but can't hear well at all when there is a lot of background noise. I can see close-range signing but my eyes get tired quickly and I want to prepare...
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    Hi I'm CJB

    Hi I'm CJ. I'm a writer/poet and taking some online courses. I was just recently diagnosed hard of hearing. I've heard a bit about Deaf culture but want to learn more about it.