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    Telephone funds raided by the state of South Dakota

    A friend asked me to post this here on AD as this had surprised me and makes me wonder if the other states has raided the funds intended for Deaf services Source: State raids fund for deaf | | Argus Leader -- the continuation of the article can be found at the link.
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    Is this the year of the cicadas qq

    CoolieFroggie and i saw a couple cicada shells outside in our yard and i was thinking it wasnt the right year for the 7 year or 17 year cicadas -- we researched it and cant seem to find the right information for which years the cicadas should be out and about for a mere week to mate and die off...
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    Please welcome bladeordie to AD!

    :wave: HIII there bladeordie!!!! Glad u came onto AD and enjoy ur stay!!! :hug: from both Froggie and me!!!
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    Disgusting Dishes

    i was :barf: when i read this -- link: i know i would NEVER try those! eek
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    8 Thousandth Post

    I would like to dedicate this post to my close AD friends -- Lasza, Oceangurl, dhw5320, Oddball and more! Some of u are those I have known for years while others has been just a mere few months -- Thank u for being YOU and I have come to treasure the friendship between us! :ily: my friends...
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    Types of Underwear reveals ur personality!

    I came across this article and found it interesting to know the personality of a person by the type of the underwear they wear
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    Emotional Infidelity (cheating)

    Emotional Infidelity article i came across -- i agree with the article and DO believe it! what are ur thoughts to this newest infidelity for those in relationships q
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    Cochlear Implant REMOVAL surgeries qq

    Do anyone here know of any cases where a CI implant was actually removed from the CI implantee due to headaches or whatever that might be annoying to the implantee qq IS it possible to have the implant removed from the implantee at all qq
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    Questions For The Deafies & Hearies Thread --- Cultural Discussion Topic

    I had been at blockbusters recently and was standing in this MASSIVELY long line so i took the opportunity to observe the hearie in their behaviors -- why do u hearies seem to prefer talking without LOOKING at the person who is talking to u -- wouldnt that be a bit more polite if u were...
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    Homemade Kluski Egg Noodles anyone qq

    DOES anyone have the recipe for homemade kluski noodles qq i have not yet found the recipe for it!!!!! pretty please if anyone knows this -- POST! itll be much appreciated! thanks!!!! :hug: in advance!
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    Attn: ZESTY!

    im unable to reply to ur PM due to ur PM box being FULL! :lol: MODS: once this is resolved, close this thread thanks!
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    Congratulations Vampy!!!!!

    u made it to ur 10 thousandth post!! :lol: had to mention it haha :thumb:
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Oddball!!!!!!!

    :birthday: to youuuuu!!!!!!!!!! ILY my friend!!! Hope ur day is a GREAT one for u!!!!!!! :hug: TONS!
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    Follow Santa on his journey around the world!

    the website for everybody to be able to check out where Santa is worldwide! enjoy!
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    Violence in schools; US reports it is declining

    Further reading:
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    Driving School for teens

    After making a post in another thread, it occurred to me to start a new thread discussing teens and driving school -- today in many states the teens get their driving "lessons" from private driving schools and i think it is BULLSHIT -- driving classes should be put BACK into the school...
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    Poetry anyone qq

    Do any of u like reading or writing poetry qq i chose to start a new thread without risking further thread derailment at another thread :lol: it can be any poetry from old time to present day -- I enjoy reading poetry of all genres, historical or contemporary when im in the mood to read...
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    Clothing tailored for the butches and FTMs!!!!

    Theres now a clothing line for the butches and FTMs who have trouble trying to find clothing that FITS and not so femmey and not too big as can be found in men's departments at stores! Link of article: Website for...
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    Mom and Dad on strike in Florida -- trying to get thru to the kids

    Further reading: i think the parents did the RIGHT thing to do this -- set up tent in front of the house and etc just to get thru to the kids -- i wonder how...
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    Threadstalking qq

    Have anyone dealt with person(s) doing the threadstalking following u around in forums qq would u be flattered or not q why or why not q