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    up for grabs is...

    my 1996 Oldsmobile SuperemeCutless 1996 Oldsmobile Cutless - Owen Sound Oldsmobile Cars For Sale - Kijiji Owen Sound <---- more info about my car..the money is in canadian dollars. any questions ask away.
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    So, i went and bought a new car....again!

    Well, my oldsmobile needed $1,000 i went ahead to start on fixing the car but it never happened..why? Well, my regular mechanic had bought a 1997 monte carlo and offered me it for $1,500 certfifed. I went and checked it out with my wife, took it out for a spin and we liked...
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    a very good quote from some dude selling his suburban on Ebay

    A guy selling his "hunting rig" on Ebay said, "A pessimist would say this is a $700 transmission attached to a $500 engine pulling around $300 worth of scrap metal on $200 worth of tires. I believe she's worthy of more than that." Source: eBay Motors: Chevrolet : Suburban (item...
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    grilled cheese sandwich

    when u make it do u add anything to it? i add hotdogs to it. i slice then up in half and lay them down on cheese and add more cheese on top of it and cook it. (i mircowave the hotdogs before i put them in the sandiwch.
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    It's snowmobiling time!

    I own a 1991 yamaha exciter II. Took it out for a good lengthly spin and going some more today! Have any one of u got snowmobile? They ROCK!
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    I'm getting married

    Hey guys, I asked my GF to marry me last wed and she said YES! :cool:
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    Well, I bought a TRUCK!!

    Actually its an SUV :o I bought a 1993 Ford Explorer. it got 4 dr, 4X4 and it got power-everything except the speedo isnt digital (thanks god).Yesterday i had the new windshield put in and now waiting for money to get the brakes for the truck. It runs and drive real good but it isnt...
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    Please give a warm Welcome to Nettie!

    Heya Nets nice to have u on board...even though I dont come on as much as I used to in the old days... Having said that..NOW...Nettie Welcome to AllDeaf! :D
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    So, I've been working at.....

    the Quarry. Thw job is kind of hard but its fun and differnt envirorment and stuf and its going good for a mth now. The pay is pretty ok but will be getting a raise and a medical benefits in a couple month. Hope everyone is doing good here and I am doing good jut getting over a dam cold...
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    help! lol

    k guys i have managed to change the size of my pic for the avatar but i cant seem to change the dimenstion. So I'm going to post my pic here and if anyone of u can help me out with that i would be greatly appericated.
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    What do u enjoy doing inside and outside the house work?

    For inside, I like to vaccum the carpet and for outside, i love to mow the lawn with riding mower or push mower. How about you guys ? MODS: If this is a repost, feel free to merge this with the other one.
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    So, I bought a new used van

    I bought a 1992 caravan for $600 and it is 95 percent roadworthy It got alot of new parts put has now... New gas tank Drums and the brakes cataylc converter 4 tires Transmission fluid and filter been changed and i think he did the oil change as well. The body work has...
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    Calling all Diabetic

    Checkin in. I'm a typle II diabetic. Having a diabete is a bitch.
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    So I bought a new mountain bike today....

    My Friend and I went to canadaian tire and spooted a bike that was on sale. It was 300 buks and i bought it for 180 dollars..Saved me 120 dollars today :) It got suspension in front and back and it rides real nicely. Looks like I'm going biking tomorrow most of the day eh :)
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    Do you like to toke?

    do you like to smoke weed ? yes or flaming please.
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    Which sports car are you? I got Ford Mustang lol I apoloise in advance if this is a repost. Til then enjoy the quiz :)
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    k folks what are your thoughts on 1989 cougar?

    ok. I'm lookin at a 89 mercury cougar...owner wants 300 buks and im waiting on my mechanic taking a look at it and see if its worth it. The owner says it needs power steering line and exhaust. Assuming nothing else is wrong with the car I'm going to buy it. What do u guys think of the...
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    So I gave up smoking cigs...

    It's been a week now with no cigs :eek3: I know bad case of craving will kick in...but This time I'm hoping this will last longer.
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    NEW GAME..I Wish...

    K guys. the wishlist dont always have to be for christmas or birthdays and etc you get the idea. You can wish on anything but one rule...u cannot wish a bad thing toward any other persons. its pretty simple....LETS PLAY AND HAVE SOME FUN! I'll start.. I wish i had a million dollars.
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    just wanted to say HI! and good luck!

    :smoking: Just something differnt for a change LOL HI all have fun posting and have a good easter weekend.