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    Curious To Know Btw

    Nope. I live in Scotland. We don't have guns here.
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    Trendy Sign Shirts - Opinions?

    These kind of shirts have started getting more and more popularity. What are your opinions on it? Good thing? Bad thing? I personally find them strange but then again, I find most of today's trends rather peculiar. (Oh and Admins, I was unsure where to put this, so feel free to move it to...
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    Can't really make it out, but could it just be a simple 'Love you' sign but backwards because...

    Can't really make it out, but could it just be a simple 'Love you' sign but backwards because he's so young? Or it might just be how he holds his hands. Kids often make motions wity their hands.
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    Anyone Up For Chat?

    :welcome: As for chat rooms, have you tried Facebook? I've heard there's many groups there that have links to chat rooms. Oh and one last thing, you might want to avoid double posting. I noticed you posted a similar post in here too. If you want to ask if someone is from/near a certain place...
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    Hey Friends

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    KarissaMann05 Returns

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    New To

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    Hearing Girl Seeks Deaf Friends

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    Asl Buddy!

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    Anyone Want To Skype

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    Do You Want To Protect Yourself From Attack?

    Whoa, calm down. No need to start insulting people and saying that we're not bright, that's not funny or engaging, it's mean... I realise you don't live in Scotland... this is a discussion. That means you contribute your view and discuss. I wasn't assuming anything, I was simply saying what I...
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    Thoughts On Mainstream Schools

    I'm actually on the complete opposite side. I loved all of my mainstream schools except the one in Scotland (I was only there for like 7-8 months). The support was there for me right from the start, my mother saw to that. I got treated as different at first, but honestly, it wasn't cause of...
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    I Am Going Deaf!?

    Interesting. Thanks for the additional info :thumb:
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    I Am Going Deaf!?

    Have you not been to the Audiologist? They would perform many test and tell you for sure. As it would be hard to mistake deafness for APD due to APD is more that you cannot hear things due to an overload of other sounds.
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    Ear Pain From Tmj

    Has your jaw been locking tons, so much so that its near impossible to unlock it? Can you not open your mouth very wide? Do you have trouble eating? Or extreme pain in the face area? Also, these symptoms fit many different diagnosis too. Always best to check with a doctor first. Best of luck!
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    I'm Deaf

    You might want to include what area you're in :) :welcome: To AllDeaf
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    Do You Want To Protect Yourself From Attack?

    I guess there's no real answer to that specific question for me as its bigger than that. The bad guys shouldn't be allowed to get access to guns in the first place but since in your question they can, then I'm not sure how you would protect yourself. It's a hard situation.