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  1. hohDougRN

    Lost one of my HA's

    Geez, I been so miffed for last couple weeks cuz I lost one of my Naidas. Story goes that I had a seizure in Wendover, NV and was taken all the way back to Salt Lake. I have no clue where it is and I have retraced all my steps many times. I think they should have GPS. Using just one is...
  2. hohDougRN

    Update on my shoulder rehab after surgery

    Hey guys, as some of you know I had my Right shoulder surgery in March and is now 12 weeks since my surgery! Things are going great and I have had no complications. I have a ways to go until I am throwing hard and playing ball again but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I...
  3. hohDougRN

    Our 2 AD photography geeks!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to freckles and Authentic :D We all appreciate your skill and zeal for photography! Have a great birthday
  4. hohDougRN

    my FUNNY doggies

    do any of you have dogs that are absolutely obcessed with fruits? My cherry tree they go graze for all the fallen cherries daily- they LOVE them. And my Pear tree is getting close to season.......My one dog the other day was patiently sitting under a branch incessantly staring at a pear (didn't...
  5. hohDougRN

    Fibromyalgia Information

    Here is some short simplified information regarding Fibromyalgia (FMS) as per requisitioned by another AD member. Any in depth questions or request to elaborate further on any topics discussed herein can be PM'd to me or just in reply by post. Fibromyalgia or FMS is a difficult diagnosis to...
  6. hohDougRN

    NCAA tourney time

    With the NCAA tourney arriving this week.....what are your picks for Elite 8- Final Four- and National Champion. What teams do you think have chances to upset lower seeds in opening couple rounds? why? Maybe some of you with local insights on some teams can give us some knowledge that may...
  7. hohDougRN

    In the hospital

    Hey all just want to let ya know Im in the hospital here probably for few more days. I am having some serious asthma problems and last night it got even worse so I had to stay here. Im doing somewhat better now, at least there is internet service here so thats cool. Funny thing though is Im a...
  8. hohDougRN

    golfer makes million dollar shot,190463
  9. hohDougRN

    Ask Doug Anything Time

    since we seem to be at a lull in these threads where we get the opportunity to share about us. Please ask me anything to get to know me more. HAVE fun!!!!!!
  10. hohDougRN

    Baseball Boring?

    Nobody talking about baseball this summer. Is it just because of other family priorities, or other interests. I love it and feel kinda sad if nobody else does.
  11. hohDougRN

    Steve McNair Shot and found dead

    Steve McNair, former Tennessee Titans QB, found dead of gunshot wound - ESPN Steve McNair found shot and dead. What a sad story. He was great quarterback and teamate to those he played with.
  12. hohDougRN

    Has anybody ever jumped in pool with HA's/CI on?

    couple weeks ago I jumped into pool, completely forgetting hey was on. I thouht I ruined them. I had to send them in to get worked on and saved me a ton of money over having to buy new ones. So far I got 1 of them back and it sounds good like new. Just wondering if anyone make this error before.
  13. hohDougRN

    What are your favorite animals/ and most feared ones

    Inspired by Calvin I got to thinking my most favorite animals (NOT PETS) Most liked: 1-Lemur, 2- Racoons 3- Rainbow Trout Most fearful1- snakes 2- Rats 3- big spiders
  14. hohDougRN

    I got new doggy

    I got new puppy today he is a daschund breed! I am very excited about it. He will be good therapy for me. I will try to get some pictures of him today.
  15. hohDougRN

    I have 2 new medically diagnosed disorders

    Im pretty say- but just another part of life. I just spent 3 weeks at the University Psychiatric Institute. It was a very very diffiecult admission. I have been here for 3 straight weeks. Its good to be out finally. Allthough I could use any support by those of you whom suffer frm Bipolar...
  16. hohDougRN

    Thank you Larry Miller

    I found out few minutes ago that Larry Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz has passed away. For those of you who did not know this man personally, I truely wish you did. What a great guy, a great friend, great businessman, with the most honest and virtuous character I have ever known. Larry...
  17. hohDougRN

    Sports Card Collection

    hey guys Im looking to sell off what I can of my sports card collection. i have 20,000+ cards and accessories. They have always been scrupulously organized and taken care of. The cost I will sell single cards or in bulk will be significantly lower than any dealer. Most of my high end and...
  18. hohDougRN

    Far and Away

    watched a classic movie tonight that is sure to stimulate some tears of passion in those liking that. Its Far and Away (1992) Ron Howard film Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise to stellar job in there roles. I give it 4 Stars. very good romantic movie and a 10 on my list. GREAT movie go rent it...
  19. hohDougRN

    FDA approves human embrionic stem cell research

    Interesting, and I am happy to see this; I am stem cell research advocate. I know this is old debate, but wish to post most recent update of the status with this. FDA approves human embryonic stem cell study -
  20. hohDougRN

    Cubs getting new owner.

    Cubs get new owner. Who is likin that? Ricketts family picked in Chicago Cubs owner derby - ESPN